Monday, May 4, 2015



Making the exclusive BBC Sound 2015 list, SHURA is the complete package as producer, singer, remixer and editor.  Last year, Shura's video "Touch" became a viral hit which featured her friends kissing on camera and has since gained over 10 million views on YouTube. 

Now, London's own Shura has unveiled a Warpaint remix of the new single "2Shy" which was also recently covered by Mumford and Sons during one of their radio sessions. 

“Warpaint have been and continue to be one of my favourite bands. Everything they do sounds amazing," she says. "I loved the remix they did for Daughter and I kind of just asked them and kept my fingers crossed, not really ever thinking it would happen. So it's literally a dream come true that they wanted to do it. I'm stoked we're pressing them to vinyl for these shows, as it's my favourite way to listen to music.”

You can listen to the remix below as well as the official music video for "2Shy" which was shot here in Los Angeles.  

2Shy by Shura