Thursday, May 14, 2015


It was Five Knives Los Angeles debut last Tuesday at the famed Troubadour in Los Angeles. The electro-pop four piece  were in town to celebrate the release of their upcoming full-length debut album Savages which drops June 2nd via Red Bull Records. Critics along with music taste-makers like MTV, Entertainment Weekly, Alt Press and Baeble Music have already embraced this band. Their lead single "Sugar" is already a hit right out of the gate. Not only has it been streamed over 320,000 times on Spotify, it reached the Top 5 on Billboard's Club charts while "Savages" is currently no. 28 on the Dance Club songs chart.  

Setting the tone with the fiery, trip-hoppy "All Fall Down" off their 2013 EP The Rising, Five Knives, from the moment they took the stage, performed unrelentingly for nearly an hour holding the crowd's attention while spewing igniting and inventive beats.  Their debut album which they performed almost in its entirety, is everything you can ask for and then some  - frenetic melodies and shuddering bass lines of raw nastiness wrapped in a nice sugary coat to make it go down easy right before it shocks you into submission. 

Keeping audience interaction at a minimum, this night was focused on partying, attacking with laser-like focus with dance tracks like "Savages" and "Sugar" that features rambunctious revolutions of swirling synths that practically drips off the stage. But what sets Five Knives apart from other bands are their seamless fusion of electronica, pop and rock n' roll.  Their more pop-centric songs like the infectious "Dirty Souls" and "Shake My Bones" could easily be playing over mainstream radio stations alongside Paramore and Taylor Swift while "I Love You to Death" and "Criminal" showcases front-woman Anna M'Queen's revved up and commanding vocals in arena-ready, shout-out-loud choruses.  

Usually  there's that middle point during every concert where a band slows down, performs some b-sides to a point where people realize this would be the perfect time to hit the bathroom.  Not this night.  Just when you thought Five Knives would take a breather, they didn't, piling it on even more and going all in with a tidal wave of torchy and acid-laced textures in "Rattatat," "Take My Picture" and their Rihanna-esque track "Money."  

Refreshing, fun and down-right exhausting, Five Knives' modern twist on the  EDM-rock show appeals to the neon-loving, club fans who love to dance while also catering to the mosh-pitt, head-banging sweaty masses of a rock show.  Not only did they leave an impression on the pack Troubadour crowd, they smashed expectations.  

Based on their strong EP 2013 debut The Rising, Nashville-based Five Knives, consisting of Anna M’Queen, keyboardists/programmers Nathan Barlowe and Zach Hall, and drummer Shane Wise have since shared the stage with the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Icona Pop. Their debut full-length album, produced by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) is set for launch on June 2nd. You can pre-order right now on iTunes right HERE and immediately get three tracks (Savages, Sugar & Money) for download.  

Troubadour Set list:
All Fall Down / Criminal / Dirty Souls / Rattatat  / Sugar  / Take My Picture / Shake My Bones / Money / Savages / Messin' With My Mind / I Love You to Death

Five Knives performs at The Troubadour.
photos by picksysticks