Monday, January 12, 2015


Known for her brutally honest lyrics, Tove Lo has confessed lyrically in the past to ''seeing it all..going to sex clubs..getting high all the time and being too easy."

In her new song "Talking Body" Tove Lo doesn't want to play games and waste time speaking to someone to try and get to know them. The only compatibility she's concerned with is how great the sex is because, as she says, "If you love me right. We fuck for life."  The only talking going on is the language of love which, as we all know, is the universal language - Body Talking.

Her song which is off her debut album Queen of the Clouds which dropped in September has a video to accompany the dark and smoky dance beat  where we see Tove Lo going club to club, hooking up with a wanted criminal.  See how it all ends below.  

"Talking Body" official music video by Tove Lo