Sunday, November 23, 2014


On Thursday, Sky Ferreira took to the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles with Cherry Glazerr as part of her West Coast tour.  

For someone who makes a living as a model, gracing magazine covers across the globe while also pursuing a musical career performing in front of thousands of people, Sky Ferreira is sure self-consious about herself.  

Each time, I've seen her perform live, she has played in near, complete darkness except for a lone spotlight and quick strobe lights that gives you a glimpse of the enigma that is Sky Ferreira.  Her songs are really good. Just check out her recent album, Night Time, My Time that dropped last October and 2012's Ghost EP. It's packed with dark, sparkly, indie-pop melodies that showcases her talent in writing.  But it seems like she doesn't have the confidence in her music, partly ashamed that no one will take her seriously from transitioning from model to singer that bleeds into her low-energy stage presence.  

Maybe she's still trying to find her genre.  She's dabbled with a variety of sounds earlier in her career - from pop  ("Obsession") then synth-dance with 2009's "One" and also some hard rock like "Red Lips" and even covering Hole's "Asksing For It."  

Personally, I like her dark, moody side - the side that gave us "You're Not the One," "Sad Dream" and "Lost in My Bedroom" - all songs that came off her last two albums. But honestly, it'd be nice to, at least, see her during her live shows but you know what? If she keeps writing gems like these then I wouldn't mind is she performs in the dark.

Sky ends her west coast tour next week at San Francisco's The Independent before she heads back into the studio to work on new record.