Monday, August 4, 2014


Best Coast
Best Coast headlined the first-ever Burger A-Go-Go.
 photos by picksysticks
If Lilith Fair, the all-girls music festival, was known more for it's soft, folky and alternative-rock atmosphere, then Saturday's Burger A-Go-Go was more like it's evil twin-sister- a punk rock extravaganza that proves that these riot girls can rock out even more so than their male counterparts. Lilith this wasn't.  For one thing, you wouldn't see crowd-surfers and stage diving at Lilith Fair.  

Bleached performs at The Observatory during Burger A-Go-Go
photo by picksysticks
Held at Burger Records' unofficial home venue, The Observatory, over 30 bands, all fronted by women, came together to celebrate women's voice in music. From punk, pop and rock, 
 it also proved that the female voice comes in all shapes and sizes (or in this case) all types of musical genres.  

Shannon and the Clams

Dum Dum Girls
Dum Dum Girls
Dum Dum Girls mesmerized the sold-out crowd at Burger A-Go-Go.
photo by picksysticks
The line-up consisted of headliners Best Coast and heavyweights The Muffs,  Dum Dum Girls and Bleached while also showcased up and coming buzz bands like Aquadolls, Skating Polly and The Coathangers.  It was a superbly strong and amazing night in music - like a runaway freight train barrelling down the tracks with no end in sight.  Each band brought their A-game.

What was surprising was the amount of dudes that showed up.  Typically, the Lilith crowd was somewhere about 90 percent female. Burger A-Go-Go saw about a 3-to-1 ratio of girls to guys which was great and proved that people will show up no matter who fronts a band - just as long as the music was good.  

After the success and sold-out show of Burger A-Go-Go, organizers are reportedly now planning next year's festival, even thinking about taking this event on the road. 

The Muffs