Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Jaden Michaels

Here's the official music video for "Walk On" from Jaden Michaels. Shot in beautiful black and white, Michaels sings to the camera stoically about empowerment and taking control of your life.  

Instead of sulking, the person in the song takes control of her life singing "Too many tears I've cried. What happened to our paradise. We built our walls too high. Nobody can say I didn't try...This is the last goodbye. Turn down the lights and walk on. I think it's better you walked on."   

The video, premiering today on USA today, is Michaels' debut single off of MP45 Records. Already a successful songwriter, writing songs for Jennifer Lopez, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera as well as American Idol's Jessica Sanchez and Candice Glover, Michaels is now ready to step into the spotlight with her own song and is currently working on her debut album. 

"Walk On" official music video by Jaden Michaels