Thursday, June 19, 2014


Happy Hollows

Happy Hollows' is known fors their whirlwind of sound - raging beats and free-floating guitars that didn't stay within the lines. But like an impressionistic painting, the closer you looked (in their case, listened) the more everything seemed to fit  perfectly together. 

Happy Hollows still boasts a larger-than-life sound.  The melodies are tighter with drummer Chris Hernandez seemingly back (he left the band briefly).  It looks like  he's returned, bringing along his focused and  precise beats that sound like it's coming from a drum machine.  Of course the gem that made Happy Hollows unique and fresh is guitarist Sarah Negahdari penetratingly, fierce vocals that seem to soar endlessly.   

"Endless" is their newest video, off their newest LP Amethyst, and it has a way of making your inhibitions disappear and dance like nobody is watching. 

Check out the video below.

"Endless" by Happy Hollows