Monday, May 26, 2014


Jaden Michaels

Songs about heartbreak are a dime a dozen.  Everyone has experienced it and it's the shits!  Luckily, we have talented musicians to express how we feel, to tap into that emotional core that rips our heart out when our hearts get broken and to create that perfect song about it.  Majority of these songs are depressingly fragile in its melodies. A sappy ballad that makes you feel even worse, making you think that you're always going to be alone.  Rubbish! 

"Walk On" by Jaden Michaels is different.  This is not a "feel sorry for me I'm hurting" heartbreak song.  This is a strong, stand up for yourself, I don't take shit type of song that breaks the 'all women are fragile little things' mold.  

Instead of sulking, the person in the song takes control of her life singing "Too many tears I've cried. What happened to our paradise. We built our walls too high. Nobody can say I didn't try...This is the last goodbye. Turn down the lights and walk on. I think it's better you walked on."   It's anthem about empowerment and it's an anthem about taking control of your life.

The song, premiering last Friday, is Michaels' debut single off of MP45 Records. Already a successful songwriter, writing songs for Jennifer Lopez, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera as well as American Idol's Jessica Sanchez and Candice Glover, Michaels is now ready to step into the spotlight with her own song which is now available digitally everywhere including on iTunes right HERE.  

Check out her lyric video below for "Walk On."

"Walk On" official lyric video by Jaden Michaels.