Tuesday, May 6, 2014


DWNTWN's Jamie Leffler

There are certain bands that have that distinctive sound all their own.  Once you hear a song for the first time, you immediately know who sings it based on the sound and style.  DWNTWN is one of those bands.  

Consisting of Jamie Leffler, Robert Cebeda and later adding Chris Sanchez and Dan Vanchieri,  this LA-based band has only been a band for about a year when the music industry started to notice.  A loyal fan base followed after hearing their first single "Transition," a sun-soaked, bubbly-pop tune that introduced them to the world in 2011.  And since then, everyone who has listened wanted to hear more.  Three years and two EPs later, DWNTWN has been keeping busy, touring the world and keeping themselves busy writing new material.
Last Monday, DWNTWN released their third EP via Jullian Records and celebrated at Bardot's School Night.  

DWNTWN headlines Bardot's "School Night"
photos by picksysticks
Drawn by their synth-pop melodies and angelic vocals from Leffler, fans, who waited until 11:30 for DWNTWN to take the stage - most practically surrounding the stage at all sides; some a mere arms-length from Jamie and Robert.  

They opened with their first single "Til Tuesday," blanketed by heavy, rich blue and red lights which heightened the enchanted atmosphere to go along with their dreamy melodies which gave way to Jamie's swaying and twirling as though she was dancing in field of magical fairy-dust.  

Their songs, like "Stood Me Up" and "See My Eyes" radiate a feeling of ecstasy and when you see Jamie swaying and dancing to the beat, you can't help but join in and dance with her.  And this is probably why fans continue to pack venues in order to watch DWNTWN.  But it isn't just loyal fans singing their praises, People Magazine and USA Today has also praised their music along with music bloggers and taste-makers who have rallied behind this indie-pop band.  

Their self-titled EP is out now. You can get your copy on iTunes HERE or on Amazon HERE

"Til Tomorrow" by DWNTWN