Saturday, February 22, 2014


Natalia Kills
Natalia Kills peforms at The Bootleg Theater for the New New Artist Residency.
photos by picksysticks
Sponsored by Revolve Clothing and Filter Magazine, The Bootleg Theater, for the second straight week, hosted The New New Artist Residency with a trio of buzzworthy artists from Interscope Records - Miriam Bryant, Ivy Levan and Natalia Kills

For a Sunday night, the anticipation in the air in the packed venue, simmering for
Interscope's up-and-coming artists who sure to make 2014 their breakout year.

First off was British Natalia Kills, who was a popular UK actress, going by the name Natalie Keery-Fisher.  Possibly trying make it as a musician rather than glide on the coat-tails of her famous acting career, Natalia took on the new moniker "Kills" as her new stage name which fits nicely, accompanying her attitude-laced, pop-dance tunes.  You can consider Natalia Kills the British version of Lady Gaga without the costumes.  

Ivy Levan
Ivy Levan will be performing at SXSW in March.
photo by picksysticks
This was my first exposure to Kills which was a shock  since she's already released an album three years ago  - her debut called Perfectionist.  In October, she released her second full-length, Trouble, that is full of wonderful, juicy gems - songs that make it seem like I'm listening to pop songs for the very first time.  "Saturday Night," "Boys Don't Cry" and "Devil's Don't Cry" are my new favorites and are on constant play on Spotify which led me to re-discover "Wonderland" and "Kill My Boyfriend" among others from her 2011 album Perfectionist.  

Last week, it was Ivy Levan's show that brought be back a second night.  Now, after watching Natalie Kills, I'll be coming back for a third week to watch her this Sunday night. 

Ivy LevanIvy Levan

Ivy Levan continues to impress, oozing confidence like a silent assassin, Ivy Levan took the stage in a barely-there, one-piece showcasing her sexy and never-ending legs. With an attitude like Grace Jones and the vocal sounds of Amy Winehouse, it was her performance last week that brought me back for seconds as she was coming off the high of performing alongside Sting on David Letterman's Late Show a week earlier.  

Vintage blues beats fused with a mixture of pop, soul and swing she calls "Swamp-Hop" is a contagious mixture that will quickly grow on you.  And once it grows on you, trust me, you won't want to find a cure for this.  Just dance like no one's watching and let it take you away with songs like "Hang Forever" and "Money," both of which you can find on her new debut EP Introducing the Dame

Miriam BryantMiriam Bryant

And to finish off the night was Swedish sensation Miriam Bryant who's popular EP Push Play and hit single of the same name has found herself among the favorites of music tastemakers such as MTV, NME and Rolling Stone.  And being handpicked by Grammy-winning music producer and DJ Zedd to sing on his song "Find You" only propelled her into the music industry's subconscious. Her songs can go from vulnerable, soft melodies (Raised in Rain),  to quick, marching band beats that rise to a rousing uplifting anthem (Push Play). 

Miriam Bryant
Miriam Bryant collaborated with Grammy-winner Zedd on his new song "Find You."
photos by picksysticks
Miriam Bryant and Natalia Kills will end the New New Artist Residency this Sunday night at The Bootleg.  It's free so no excuses not to come.  Hob knob with them before they're too famous to walk amongst us mortals.