Saturday, January 18, 2014

DWNTWN @ The Satellite (January Residency)

Jamie Leffler and Robert Cepeda of DWNTWN
Jamie Leffler of DWNTWN
photos by picksysticks
Imagine the sparkly lights of downtown but with the dirt roads of the wild west.  That would best describe the sounds of DWNTWN.  
Dirty-electro-pop with melodies like sparkly-shiny spurs and glimmering six-shooters balanced with a rough, gritty attitude, this LA-based band reminds me of Mumford and Suns playing in sequence wardrobe.  Of course, the disco ball hanging atop the ceiling at The Satellite probably added to the effect.  

Jamie Leffler  of DWNTWNJamie Leffler of DWNTWN

This was all part of DWNTN's January residency at The Satellite in Silver Lake.  Made up of Jamie Leffler, Robert Cepeda and Jerrod Bettis, DWNTWN performed songs off their two EPs The Red Room and Cowboys under a dreamlike, lush and saturated atmosphere that saw Jamie twirl and sway in her soft, embroidered gown.   

Their January residency continues this Monday (and every Monday this January)  at The Satellite.  Shows are free so you have no excuse not to go!

Robert Cepeda and Jerrod Bettis and Jamie Leffler of DWNTWN
DWNTWN performs every Monday this January at The Satellite.
photo by picksysticks
"Stood Me Up" by DWNTN