Sunday, November 10, 2013



Music, comedians, actors and health there anything Canadians aren't good at?  Alvvays (pronounced: ȯl-wēz) is the latest band I'm growing to love from Toronto, Ontario. 

Their brand of DIY-garage pop echoes the grungy and shiny melodies of The Muffs.  Like that cherry-red corvette, covered in mud that you refuse to wash, Alvvays blends their super catchy songs with crashing drums, soaring, edgy guitars and polishes it with Molly Rankin's starry-eyed vocals.   

They recently released their new video for "Adult Diversion" along with the super infectious "Archie, Marry Me" which will be included on their upcoming debut album in early 2014.

They're currently on tour, mostly on the east coast, that runs through New York with no Los Angeles dates as of yet.

"Adult Diversion" by Alvvays

"Marry me, Archie" by Alvvays