Sunday, October 27, 2013

NONONO @ The Echo

Stina Wappling, Astma and Rocwell of NONONO
NONONO (Stina Wappling, Astma and Rocwell) at The Echo.
photos by picksysticks
NONONO continues Sweden's knack of breeding bands that write infectious, mid-tempo songs that brings out your inner child and makes you remember what it was like when life was carefree and everything around you looked shiny and brand new.

Stina Wappling of NONONOStina Wappling of NONONO

NONONO are that shiny brand new toy that everyone in the music biz seems to want for Christmas. From CMJ to Perez Hilton, this Swedish trio is the talk of the town and with their upcoing American television debut appearance on Jimmy Kimmel scheduled this Wednesday, NONONO is sure to be on everybody's radar by week's end.  Blame it on their breakthrough single "Pumpin Blood," which spread like wild fire across music blogs along with getting heavy airplay on mainstream and college radio.  

Riding high off their critically acclaimed EP, NONONO made their first ever headling gig at The Echo.  Donning a glittery mini-dress and sneakers,  lead singer Stina Wappling shined onstage, awash in vibrant red and blue stage lights backed by producers Astma and Rocwell. 

NONONO makes Los Angeles debut at The Echo.
photo by picksysticks
They sang songs off their debut EP, comprised of a mixture of electropop  that balances between sparkling and moody melodies.  That didn't stop the crowd from dancing during their entire set during hits like "Jungle" and "Fire Without a Flame."  And with only a handful of songs to perform (4 in total on their EP)  Stina joked, during their last song that they needed to write more songs so they could come back for an encore.  

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"Pumpin Blood" by NONONO