Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Belgium's Float Fall, one of my favorite bands I got to see at last week's Culture Collide are a duo, comprised of Rozanne Descheemaeker and Ruben Lefever and they've had a busy week here in the states, playing six gigs in the span of 7 days at Los Angeles' Culture Collide and then jet setting across the country to play a few more gigs at New York's CMJ Festival. 

But it's their single "Someday" that left a big impression on me and it's still with me two weeks later. Rozanne and Ruben's calming vocals, gently setting on curious keys and playful beats are contrasted by the harsh, alarming guitars that pierce this serene melody as the sadness in their lyrics reveal lost and heartbreak: 
"Its cold outside its winter time You always smile but now you cry, when hearts die Its raging on this foul disease I'm on my knees i cant believe" 
It's like Float Fall walks you up to the cliff's edge and as you admire the powerful waves crashing against rock below, you find yourself anchoring yourself securetly so you won't fall off. "Someday" feels that way and it's a reminder how quickly precious things can be taken away from you. 

"Someday" Float Fall