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CULTURE COLLIDE 2013 - DAY 2 Recap and Photos

BLEACHED performs on the World Stage at Culture Collide 2013.
photos by picksysticks
Culture Collide, bringing together over 60 bands from 25 countries began day two on Friday.  If Thursday felt like the appetizer then Friday was the main course with the addition of the World Stage, the outdoor stage.  Day 2 also saw the Taix Lounge hosting a Swedish and Netherlands Happy Hour featuring Bombay Show Pig, Birth of Joy and Deer Tracks and Like Swimming.

First off was Brodka who proved why she won Poland's Pop Idol, flashing with her bubbling stage presence while trading off between keys and guitar.  It's easy to see why her three albums went Gold and multi-Platinum in her home country and was also nominated for the Fryderyk Award which is equivalent to the Grammys here.   With saturated and colorful pop melodies, Brodka got the party started Friday night at the Taix Champagne Room with her infectious dance tracks, making it all to easy to consider Brodka one of my favorite artists at this year's Culture Collide. 

Bleached headlined the World Stage during day 2 of Culture Collide.
photos by picksysticks
Friday night's World Stage, outside Taix Restaurant, was presented by Ernie Ball and Swing House Studios and hosted a string of U.S. bands including powerhouse, pop-punk LA rockers Bleached.  
Jennifer Clavin of Bleached
Jennifer Clavin of Bleached
Playing songs off their debut album, Ride Your Heart released earlier this year, Bleached, consisting of sisterly duo of Jessica and Jennifer Clavin took the stage with new hairstyles - Jennifer with Kool-Aid pink hair and Jessica with nice golden locks. There was a moment when I expected (no, I wished) Jennifer, sans guitar, with hair whipping and flying and dancing on stage, to bust out and start singing into her red telephone microphone, flash-backing to her days singing for LA indie band Mika Miko. 

After the high, energetic set from Bleached, it was time to take it down a notch with Belgium's Float Fall. The duo consisting of Rozanne Descheemaeker and Ruben Lefeverhas been riding high off their addictive single "Someday,"  a dream-pop song with free floating, whispy vocals by Rozanne and layered with electronic sound-scapes that'll make you believe you can fly.   

Then it was off to The Church, a perfect setting for the return of '90s shoe-gaze band Secret Shine from Bristol, England. Their fuzzy guitars and dreamscape melodies were as colorful as the setting sun shining through the church's stained-glass windows.  And with a vibrant, kaleidoscopic light-show projecting against the walls and ceilings, watching Secret Shine felt like a religious experience or drug induced fantasy.  And although their influential album, Untouched was released 20 years ago, by listening to Secret Shine, you wouldn't have guessed that the band has been around for two decades, their songs still sounding as fresh and new as ever.   

Secret Shine
Adi Ulmansky
Day 2: Adi Ulmansky at Taix's Champagne Room.
photo by picksysticks
Thursday's Adi Ulmansky show at the Taix Lounge got off to a rough start with technical glitches which is why I wanted to see her again - this time down the hall in the Champagne Room, a much bigger room more fitting for Adi's dance-hall, EDM-laced music.  She didn't disapoint.  Fusing rap, hip-hop with pop and rock, Israel's Adi's vocal stylings remind me of M.I.A. and Niki Minaj with the electric-shape-shifting sounds of Grimes.  No wonder her debut mixtape  Shit Just Got Real has been heralded by music tastemakers abroad and beyond.  

Pack A.D. came as advertised.  Loud, fast playing with echoes of classic rock that's hard to believe such a big sound can come from this Canadian duo.  Watching  Becky Black and drummer/songwriter Maya Miller, both seemingly reserved and mild, setting up onstage before their set was a stark contrast from the feral and lighting quick duo the crowd saw as soon as they set sticks and picks to their instruments.  

PACK AD's Becky Black
Deer Tracks
Deer Tracks closes the day 2 in Taix's Front Lounge.
photo by picksysticks
Swedish pop-princess, Elin Lindfors of Deer Tracks closed the night at Taix's Front Lounge. Deer Tracks are like an art exhibit set to music,  a methodic beat and hum that's both mesmerizing and soothing to the senses.  Visually and melodically serene, Deer Tracks'  environmental soundtrack set to electro-sonic waves was a perfect send-off to day 2 of Culture Collide with, surprisingly, a still packed room pushing well past  2 am in the morning.  

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