Canadian Alessia Cara made her highly anticipated Los Angeles debut at The Troubadour. Signed to Def Jam records based on her Soundcloud page that included covers of Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber, this show marked Alessia's first headlining gig.


Ahead of their June 9th release of their upcoming album Wild Nights, UK's PINS have released their new single "Young Girls." Also, they just announced their U.S. summer toiur which kicks off June 13rh in New York.


Zella Day has released her debut album Kicker and she celebrated with a sold out show at LA's famed Troubadour last week.


Last Saturday, over 150 bands made their journey to downtown Pasadena to take part in Make Music Pasadena (MMP), billed as the largest free, all-day music festival on the West Coast.


Winter's new album Supreme Blue Dream is the ideal soundtrack to your summer..

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Jessica and Jennifer Clavin of BLEACHED performs at Filter's Culture Collide.
photo by picksysticks

Just in time for Halloween, Bleached released their new video for "Love Spells," a hauntingly fun, zombie dance party complete with jocks, chearleaders and mummies that are risen from the dead with the power of punk rock from the LA-based band fronted by Jennifer Clavin as she sings: 

"I don't want to see you anymore / You keep on knocking at my door / I told you once, yeah, I told you before / You're a lost cause / Don't work anymore / I know I've seen you before / Are you coming back for more? Will I see you tonight when I open up my heart?" 

Wrapped in playful melodies, the song is actually a sad tale of heartbreak, singing of a loved who she still has feelings for,  who changes during the relationship for the worst and remembering the person she remembered falling in love with.  

"Love Spells" by Bleached


NONONO made their U.S. television debut on Jimmy Kimmel.
Riding high off their critically acclaimed EP, NONONO made their first ever U.S. television appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live last night in a pre-taped performance where they performed their hit single "Pumpin' Blood."

NONONO performs "Pumpin' Blood" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Here's the new sun-drenched music video from Best Coast's new single "I Don't Know How."  It's off their new EP Fade Away which dropped on October 22nd.  The EP is the first release on Cosentino’s Jewel City label and sets Best Coast off on a new burst of independence and creativity.

Just recently, it was announced that Best Coast will be supporting The Pixies on their 2014 North American Tour on select dates beginning in February. 

"I Don't Know How" by Best Coast

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


LA duo Yell For Help releases their debut EP.
photo via Facebook
Check out this new video from Yell For Help.  It's called "Love Will Keep Us Together,"  and it's off their debut EP which drops today.  With crashing  melodies with heartpounding beats, "Love Will Keep Us Together" is both hypnotic and mind-numbing;  perfect ingredients to jolt your body to dance-inducing convulsions.  Consisting of Fann (vocals, drums, guitar) and Mike Pappas (vocals, guitar, bass), this talented duo from Los Angeles layers the fierceness of Fann's rosie-thorned vocals with Pappas' calm, cool blue singing.  

Based in Los Angeles, the EP was recorded in a little studio in Westwood, with additional recording at Fann’s Eagle Rock-home. Love Will Keep Us Together is available worldwide digitally today.

"Love Will Keep Us Together" by Yell For Help

Sunday, October 27, 2013

NONONO @ The Echo

Stina Wappling, Astma and Rocwell of NONONO
NONONO (Stina Wappling, Astma and Rocwell) at The Echo.
photos by picksysticks
NONONO continues Sweden's knack of breeding bands that write infectious, mid-tempo songs that brings out your inner child and makes you remember what it was like when life was carefree and everything around you looked shiny and brand new.

Stina Wappling of NONONOStina Wappling of NONONO

NONONO are that shiny brand new toy that everyone in the music biz seems to want for Christmas. From CMJ to Perez Hilton, this Swedish trio is the talk of the town and with their upcoing American television debut appearance on Jimmy Kimmel scheduled this Wednesday, NONONO is sure to be on everybody's radar by week's end.  Blame it on their breakthrough single "Pumpin Blood," which spread like wild fire across music blogs along with getting heavy airplay on mainstream and college radio.  

Riding high off their critically acclaimed EP, NONONO made their first ever headling gig at The Echo.  Donning a glittery mini-dress and sneakers,  lead singer Stina Wappling shined onstage, awash in vibrant red and blue stage lights backed by producers Astma and Rocwell. 

NONONO makes Los Angeles debut at The Echo.
photo by picksysticks
They sang songs off their debut EP, comprised of a mixture of electropop  that balances between sparkling and moody melodies.  That didn't stop the crowd from dancing during their entire set during hits like "Jungle" and "Fire Without a Flame."  And with only a handful of songs to perform (4 in total on their EP)  Stina joked, during their last song that they needed to write more songs so they could come back for an encore.  

More live photos on our Flickr page right HERE.

"Pumpin Blood" by NONONO

Saturday, October 26, 2013

CONWAY @ The Echo

Conway performs at The Echo supporting her new EP release of Big Talk.
photos by picksysticks
In her first show since she was featured in Rolling Stone's "Top 10 Best New Discoveries of CMJ" Conway had a look of someone with something to prove.  You wouldn't know it when she took the stage, smiliing innocently and dawning a blue, sun-dress and ankle-boot flats, that she would come out punching.
Conway, street-tough with bruising vocals packed quite a wallop as she pulled up her sleeves  like a street fighter cornered in a darkened alley as she bobbed side-to-side, fists raised while striking with feisty, funk melodies in "Big Talk"  while in the chest-pounding,"Hustler," she screams defiantly, charging along with deep-pounding drums.  One of the many highlights was her contagious, dream-pop opener "Killer."   And still at the end of the night, it seemed that everyone in The Echo that night talked more of Conway than headliner.

Born in south St. Louis, born again in Brooklyn and currently coming into her own in LA, Conway (aka: Kassia Conway) was known for her gloomy, pop arrangements when she fronted her previous bands All Wrong and the Plans Change and No Love Letters.  Now she's going solo with the release of her debut EP Big Talk, released last month via Columbia Records.  

If you missed Conway, you have a chance to catch her when she performs this Monday at School Night! at Bardot before she heads out on tour supporting The Fratellis.  She'll finish off that tour when she returns back to Los Angeles when they play The Fonda Theater on November 12th.  

Check out more photos of Conway's show right on our Flickr page right HERE.

The Echo Setlist: Killer / Twilight / Big Talk / I'm in Love / Hustler / Sudden Dawn / Without You

"Big Talk" by Conway

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Rhye performed to a packed Church at Culture Collide.
photo by picksysticks
Don't let that voice fool you. It's actually a dude.  But it's still not stopping me from posting this new video from Rhye,  the mysterious collaboration between Robin Hannibal of Quadron and Mike Milosh.  That androgynous voice belongs to Milosh.  Sade quickly comes to mind with his soulful and raspy vocals. But it's their songs that'll make you want to take them home to sing your troubles away.  They certainly left many disappointed at Culture Collide earlier this month when they played the scant 300-seat Church, leaving many, who lined up hours early to get a chance to get a glimpse of the elusive duo, out in the cold.  

Check out their new video below for "Slow Down."

"Slow Down" by Rhye

"3 Days" by Rhye

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Kassia Conway
Conway performs with previus band All Wrong and the Plans Change at The Viper Room in 2009.
photo by picksysticks
After making waves at last week's CMJ Festival in New York and making one of Rolling Stone's  top 10 Best New Discoveries, LA-based Conway returns home to play The Echo where she'll open up for NONONO and then at Bardot's on Monday as she continues her West Coast tour through Portland, Seattle and then back here where she'll play The Fonda Theater on November 12th.  

Born in south St. Louis, born again in Brooklyn and currently coming into her own in LA, Conway (aka: Kassia Conway) is known for her gloomy, pop arrangements when she fronted her previous bands All Wrong and the Plans Change and No Love Letters.  Now she's going solo with the release of her debut EP Big Talk, released last month via Columbia Records.

Her first single "Big Talk" is fanned with funk bass and guitars that's propelled by hip-grooving beats and a contagious melody and chorus while "Killer" splashes with dream-pop harmonies highlighted by Conway's restrained but forceful vocals.  In "Take Me Back"  she strips down minimal arrangements with soft drums and delicate keys,  echoing back to her simmering and longing tunes from her past bands.

"Big Talk" by Conway


The Weepies
The Weepies perform at Lilith Fair 2010.
photo by picksystick
It's Wednesday and it's feeling like a Weepies kind of day. In fact, I've been feeling down and tired lately with body aches (from biking and running) and all this sickness going around in my office, dealing with a bad cough and runny nose.  And with winter well on it's way, gloomy days and cold weather dampen most days with gray skies and wind chills - sort of what most people turn into this time of year.  And let's not talk about my personal life...ugh. 

Anyways,  it's a Weepies kind of day and whether it be love or heartbreak, The Weepies have a way of tapping into our emotional center. 

The Weepies

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Belgium's Float Fall, one of my favorite bands I got to see at last week's Culture Collide are a duo, comprised of Rozanne Descheemaeker and Ruben Lefever and they've had a busy week here in the states, playing six gigs in the span of 7 days at Los Angeles' Culture Collide and then jet setting across the country to play a few more gigs at New York's CMJ Festival. 

But it's their single "Someday" that left a big impression on me and it's still with me two weeks later. Rozanne and Ruben's calming vocals, gently setting on curious keys and playful beats are contrasted by the harsh, alarming guitars that pierce this serene melody as the sadness in their lyrics reveal lost and heartbreak: 
"Its cold outside its winter time You always smile but now you cry, when hearts die Its raging on this foul disease I'm on my knees i cant believe" 
It's like Float Fall walks you up to the cliff's edge and as you admire the powerful waves crashing against rock below, you find yourself anchoring yourself securetly so you won't fall off. "Someday" feels that way and it's a reminder how quickly precious things can be taken away from you. 

"Someday" Float Fall

Monday, October 21, 2013


Mr. Little Jeans' Monica Birkenes
Mr. Little Jeans' Monica Birkenes performs at Culture Collide in 2011.
photo by picksysticks
I would love to spend a day inside Mr. Little Jeans (aka: Monica Birkenes), head.  In it, I'd imagine impressionistic Van Gogh-like skies and soft, pastel landscapes overrun by unicorns and butterflies.   Her songs just have that feeling of weightlessness in a magical world were all your troubles cease to exist.  Filled with electric waves of exotic melodies, Monica's sensual vocals add a touch of mystery that's both addictive and calming. 

Her performances are rare and she recently revealed that her highly anticipated debut album will be released early next year.  Monica actually relocated to Hollywood to record the full-length album with producers John Hill (Shakira, Santigold) and Tim Anderson (Ima Robot, Dead Man's Bones).  Until then, listen to "Runaway," "Sailor" and "Rescu Song" and you'll understand why Mr. Little Jeans is becoming one of the most buzzed about artists coming out of Norway. 

Mr. Little Jeans

"Runaway" by Mr. Little Jeans

"Oh Sailor" by Mr. Little Jeans

Saturday, October 19, 2013


SLEIGH BELLS performs during a sold out show at The El Rey Theater.
photos by picksysticks
Sleigh Bells
Sold out show at The El Rey
October 18, 2013

Set list: Minnie / Comeback Kid / Tiger Kit / Crown on the Ground  / Bitter Rivals/ True Shred Guitar / Kids / Demons / Born to Lose  / You Don't Get Me Twice / Riot Rhythm / Infinity Guitars  / Encore:  Young Legends / Sing Like A Wire / A/B Machines

Thursday, October 17, 2013


The Raveonettes
The Raveonettes close out Culture Collide with a performance at The Echoplex.
photos by picksysticks
Consider this. Instead of flying to 12 countries  to watch nearly 20 bands, imagine doing this in five city blocks and in the span of three days.  Well, you can, And we did.  Filter Magazine's Culture Collide, one of Los Angeles' premiere music festivals is unique in that, for any music lover, discovering new music from different cultures can be experienced in five city blocks.  Yet no amount of jet lag can stop us from attending day 3 of Culture Collide, now in its fourth year.  Day 3 of Culture Collide was going to be the busiest yet. Seven venues including The Echo, Echoplex, Taix and Lot 1 Cafe hosted these bands from around the world handpicked by music curators Filter Magazine ending with Denmark's The Raveonettes at midnight.

While IZA's opening night performance packed the Taix Front Lounge, Saturday's show was a more toned down affair playing at The Church where it was peppered with early risers who apparently didn't get bit by the late-night hangover bug.  Listening to her whispy and delicate vocals suited this religious environment. And just like the soft, warm glow of the afternoon light washed over the interior, her songs did the same, blanketing us like a warm blanket.

Bombay Show Pig
Bombay Show Pig
Bombay Show Pig on The World Stage presented by Ernie Ball.
photos by picksystick
While outside at the World Stage presented by Ernie Ball, Bombay Show Pig did their best to wake up the early show crowd and the city for that matter.  In what has to be my favorite band from Culture Collide, Bombay Show Pig has a name that quickly grabs your attention while it's their music that keeps you from leaving.   For a band that plays loud and fast, they certainly layer their tunes with infectious melodies and travels from 0 to 60 in a quick heartbeat.   They played   fierce and heavy while both Linda van Leeuwen and Mathias Janmaat  traded vocal duties.  It's that collaborative balancing act that teeters on the edge of no return and they manage to stay dangerously close to the edge without falling off the cliff.  

Back at The Church for a double-billing of Brodka and Maya Vik, two gals who can do it all, converting The Church into one big dance hall.  First off, Brodka.  She's Poland's Pop Idol winner and it's easy to see why. Her addictive stage presence is  highlighted by the strength of her pop songs just like her english song "Varsovie," a ticking time bomb of a song that delicately starts off slow like a lullaby before it lifts off into rising chorus that makes you want to reach for the sky. 

From pop songs to a little funk, Maya Vik got everyone in The Church standing and dancing.   Decked out in New York Knicks jersey, Vik brought a little bit of soul, a little bit of R&B and a whole lot of attitude. It was fun to see late arrivals enter The Church, expecting to see a serene and toned down environment, enter to see a lively crowd having the time of their lives.

Alice Russell
Alice Russell at The Echo during Culture Collide.
photo by picksysticks
Alice Russell performed to a packed house at The Echo ahead of headline show at The Glass House in Pomona.  Coming from a musical family, Alice wowed the crowd with her soul inspired tunes playing songs off her new album To Dust, released earlier this year.  With a powerful voice that felt as though the thin walls of The Echo couldn't hold, Alice along with her backing band made the smokey venue hot and sweaty, feeling like I was transported to the old underground bluesy and jazzy clubs of Chicago.  

Brooklyn's Heliotropes at The Echoplex.
photos by picksysticks
I didn't know anything of Brooklyn's Heliotropes before they performed on The Echoplex stage.  They were a welcomed surprise. Their psychedelic-grunge tunes are like standing on that dirty, tiled, subway platform waiting for that last train only to be greeted with that cold gust of wind pushing through that darkened tunnel. It's a chill that leaves the hair on your arms rise. And that's how I felt when I first heard The Heliotropes.  With backing vocals from Amber Myers, frenetic drumming by Cici Harrison and steady bass by Nya Abudu, add lead singer Jessica Numsuwankijkul vocals and Heliotropes echoes Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval if she was in a rock band. 
Victoria Cecilia of Gliss.
photo by picksysticks

Newly improved Gliss 2.0 are  high-glossy and shimmery like a new minted coin. Gone are the days of alternative-rough guitar riffs and say hello to the electro-shine and hazy-dreamscape melodies.  With any other band, such a departure would have been disastrous but with talent consisting of  Victoria Cecilia and Martin Klingman, who have toured with Raveonettes and Smashing Pumpkins, Gliss' rebranding has led the band  into a career resurgence with the release of Langsom Dans, released earlier this year.   Gliss has focused their sound like a laser-light, with music tastemakers raving about their dark, art-pop sound as evidenced by their single "Weight of Love," which, as we described when it was released as "...a beautiful song with impressionistic dreamscape melodies filtered through the serene vibe of west coast sunsets..."  

The Raveonettes are on my bucket list of bands to see so I was thrilled to finally see them perform. The duo from Denmark closed out Culture Collide, taking the stage at The Echoplex at a little after midnight.  Bathed in saturated reds and blues, The Raveonettes made up of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo spent their set playing through their nine year discography - from 2005's Pretty In Black with "Sleepwalking" to 2007's Lust Lust Lust's "Blush" and "Dead Sound" up to "Curse the Night," "She Owns the Streets" and "Young and Old" off their newest album Observator which was released last year.
The Raveonettes at The Echoplex.
photo by picksysticks
And with that, Culture Collide ended with a bang.  By weeks end, over 60 bands from over 25 countries called the five block stretch of Echo Park home for three days.  New bands were discovered like Bombay Show Pig, Float Falls and Like Swimming while old favorites like The Raveonettes, Secret Shine and Bleached showed the newbies how to be great music ambassadors.  

Check out more photos from Culture Collide on our Flickr page right HERE.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless
Taylor Momsen of Pretty Reckless performs at Vans Warped Tour back in 2010.
photo by picksysticks
Here's the new music video from Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless called "Going to Hell" where Taylor does her best Britney Spears - with python snake on hand.  Filled with dark imagery and heavy, scathing guitar riffs, The Pretty Reckless are trying to breathe life back into good ol' classic hard rock.  Their new album doesn't drop until next year but The Pretty Reckless are promoting it with their "Going to Hell Tour" and with the release of this new official video.  Check it out below and click HERE for tour dates and cities.

"Going to Hell" official music video by The Pretty Reckless

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


FOXES, aka: Louisa Rose Allen
FOXES at last year's SXSW at the Hype Hotel.
photo by picksysticks
FOXES, aka: Louisa Rose Allen, announced tour dates for her North American tour which launches next month.  Los Angeles will host her on November 19th at The Troubadour. 

Allen, known for her luring, seductive beats that swells in arena-ready anthems makes her upcoming Youth EP something everyone should experience. That EP will drop October 29th.  Allen's larger than life voice captivates in melodic dream-pop melodies like in her single "Youth."  Check out an acoustic version below.

"Youth" acoustic by FOXES

CULTURE COLLIDE 2013 - DAY 2 Recap and Photos

BLEACHED performs on the World Stage at Culture Collide 2013.
photos by picksysticks
Culture Collide, bringing together over 60 bands from 25 countries began day two on Friday.  If Thursday felt like the appetizer then Friday was the main course with the addition of the World Stage, the outdoor stage.  Day 2 also saw the Taix Lounge hosting a Swedish and Netherlands Happy Hour featuring Bombay Show Pig, Birth of Joy and Deer Tracks and Like Swimming.

First off was Brodka who proved why she won Poland's Pop Idol, flashing with her bubbling stage presence while trading off between keys and guitar.  It's easy to see why her three albums went Gold and multi-Platinum in her home country and was also nominated for the Fryderyk Award which is equivalent to the Grammys here.   With saturated and colorful pop melodies, Brodka got the party started Friday night at the Taix Champagne Room with her infectious dance tracks, making it all to easy to consider Brodka one of my favorite artists at this year's Culture Collide. 

Bleached headlined the World Stage during day 2 of Culture Collide.
photos by picksysticks
Friday night's World Stage, outside Taix Restaurant, was presented by Ernie Ball and Swing House Studios and hosted a string of U.S. bands including powerhouse, pop-punk LA rockers Bleached.  
Jennifer Clavin of Bleached
Jennifer Clavin of Bleached
Playing songs off their debut album, Ride Your Heart released earlier this year, Bleached, consisting of sisterly duo of Jessica and Jennifer Clavin took the stage with new hairstyles - Jennifer with Kool-Aid pink hair and Jessica with nice golden locks. There was a moment when I expected (no, I wished) Jennifer, sans guitar, with hair whipping and flying and dancing on stage, to bust out and start singing into her red telephone microphone, flash-backing to her days singing for LA indie band Mika Miko. 

After the high, energetic set from Bleached, it was time to take it down a notch with Belgium's Float Fall. The duo consisting of Rozanne Descheemaeker and Ruben Lefeverhas been riding high off their addictive single "Someday,"  a dream-pop song with free floating, whispy vocals by Rozanne and layered with electronic sound-scapes that'll make you believe you can fly.   

Then it was off to The Church, a perfect setting for the return of '90s shoe-gaze band Secret Shine from Bristol, England. Their fuzzy guitars and dreamscape melodies were as colorful as the setting sun shining through the church's stained-glass windows.  And with a vibrant, kaleidoscopic light-show projecting against the walls and ceilings, watching Secret Shine felt like a religious experience or drug induced fantasy.  And although their influential album, Untouched was released 20 years ago, by listening to Secret Shine, you wouldn't have guessed that the band has been around for two decades, their songs still sounding as fresh and new as ever.   

Secret Shine
Adi Ulmansky
Day 2: Adi Ulmansky at Taix's Champagne Room.
photo by picksysticks
Thursday's Adi Ulmansky show at the Taix Lounge got off to a rough start with technical glitches which is why I wanted to see her again - this time down the hall in the Champagne Room, a much bigger room more fitting for Adi's dance-hall, EDM-laced music.  She didn't disapoint.  Fusing rap, hip-hop with pop and rock, Israel's Adi's vocal stylings remind me of M.I.A. and Niki Minaj with the electric-shape-shifting sounds of Grimes.  No wonder her debut mixtape  Shit Just Got Real has been heralded by music tastemakers abroad and beyond.  

Pack A.D. came as advertised.  Loud, fast playing with echoes of classic rock that's hard to believe such a big sound can come from this Canadian duo.  Watching  Becky Black and drummer/songwriter Maya Miller, both seemingly reserved and mild, setting up onstage before their set was a stark contrast from the feral and lighting quick duo the crowd saw as soon as they set sticks and picks to their instruments.  

PACK AD's Becky Black
Deer Tracks
Deer Tracks closes the day 2 in Taix's Front Lounge.
photo by picksysticks
Swedish pop-princess, Elin Lindfors of Deer Tracks closed the night at Taix's Front Lounge. Deer Tracks are like an art exhibit set to music,  a methodic beat and hum that's both mesmerizing and soothing to the senses.  Visually and melodically serene, Deer Tracks'  environmental soundtrack set to electro-sonic waves was a perfect send-off to day 2 of Culture Collide with, surprisingly, a still packed room pushing well past  2 am in the morning.  

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Culture Collide Day 2 Photo Gallery

Monday, October 14, 2013


Lucius performs at The Echo last August.
photo by picksysticks
They look like a '60's girl group. They sound like a melding of classic Americana and a church choir that's backed by a high school marching band. But once you hear this quintet, everything starts to make sense.   Their name is Lucius, hailing from Brooklyn but has roots in Los Angeles.  

Their debut album Wildewoman drops tomorrow (Mom + Pop) and they've been generating a lot of buzz  since they released their EP last year, getting shout-outs from music taste-makers like Time Magazine, New York Times, NPR and Rolling Stone while already playing at some of the most noteworthy music festivals like Bonnaroo, CMJ Music Fest and SXSW. Currently, they're on their fall tour supporting their upcoming release. 

Check out their new video below for "Turn It Around" which is off Wildewoman

"Turn It Around" by Lucius

Sunday, October 13, 2013

GIRLS ROCK CULTURE COLLIDE 2013 - DAY 1 Recap and Photos

IZA performs during day 1 of Culture Collide in the Taix Lounge.
photos by picksysticks
Where else in the world can you travel from Belgium to Poland to Sweden to Russia and back to the U.S. in five city blocks? If you said Culture Collide, you'd be spot on. The annual music festival, now in its fourth year is Los Angeles' unique and popular celebration of music that brings together bands from over 25 countries to perform for music lovers which is put on by music lovers - Filter Magazine.  

Adi Ulmansky
Three days for a whopping $30.  That's $10 a day folks.  Not short on talent, the quality of the music was reflected this weekend by the crowds who packed each venue to discover new bands and watch old favorites.  And unlike most music festivals, it isn't surprising to bump into artists walking in the hallway or chatting away at the bar. 

Day one kicked off with a bang with Israeli buzz bands, Adi Ulmansky and Terry Polo hosting an Israel Happy Hour at Taix Lounge with complimentary drinks provided from Tiger Beer from Singapore.  Culture Collide indeed. 

A rough start with technical difficulties didn't mar Adi's debut.  Her stage presence is infectious.  And her music? Down-right addictive. Her colorful style and bombastic personality matches her vibrant and splashy music which is apparent in her debut mixtape Shit Just Got Real.  This one-woman band who can do it all, weaves fantasy EDM inspired tracks with pop, hip-hop and dance. Adi mixes like Grimes and vocalizes lyrics like M.I.A.  

Louise Kahn of Terry Poison performs at Taix Lounge during Culture Collide.
photos by picksysicks
Louise Kahn of Terry Poison is neither shy nor dull.  Clad in a one-piece pajamas, Kahn and the rest of Terry Poison continued to drive the party in Taix Lounge with their electro-pop and kick-ass attitude.  Imagine if Lady Gaga performed with a band and you'll get Terry Poison.  

Bombay Show Pig
Bombay Show Pig
Bombay Show Pig at Lot 1 Cafe.
photos by picksysticks
Lot 1 Cafe was the newest venue at Culture Collide and they hosted some of the best up-and-coming and emerging artists at this year's fest. Bombay Show Pig  are hard rockers from the Netherlands and although they're a two-piece (Linda van Leeuwen on drums and Mathias Janmaat on guitar) they play louder and harder than most bands with four or five members. But it's their melodies that stand out and with Linda and Mathias often times sharing vocal duties their songs can go from full-throttle to Sunday stroll in seconds.  Their live shows are quickly gaining fans from across the globe with their electric performances. 

Like Swimming
Like Swimming
Like Swimming's debut performance in the U.S.  at Lot 1 Cafe.
photo by picksysticks
Formerly You Say France and I Whistle from Sweden, they made my list of favorite bands coming out of Culture Collide two years ago.  Their joyful tunes and soaring melodies were highlighted by the band's energetic stage presence and stuffed animals that decorated their instruments at each set.  They return to Culture Collide to make their U.S. debut at Lot 1 Cafe as a trio under the name Like Swimming.  People packed the tiny stage room to watch this band which made singer/guitarist Claes Carlstrom confess to  the audience that they were surprised and sincerely honored.   

Their closing song and new single "Go Buffalo" has already been lauded by music tastemakers and even mainstream media like USA Today and MTV Buzzworthy. 

The Great Wilderness
The Great Wilderness playing the Taix Champagne Room.
photo by picksysticks
I got to catch the last couple songs of Costa Rican band The Great Wilderness after a five minute walk back to Taix restaurant's Champagne Room. 

The Great Wilderness
The Great Wilderness
Consisting of Emily Overstreet, Jamie McMullen, Jon Balsey, Corey Dieckman and Josh Kennedy, The Great Wilderness made the most of their time at Culture Collide as they were spotted watching other bands throughout the entire festival.  

Great Wilderness' songs feel like jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet and feeling that rush of wind trying to pass through you and then, as the chute opens, leaving you falling softly back to Earth, staring in wonderment at the never-ending scenery before you.  

Poland's very own IZA has been described as a hybrid of Feist, Lykke Li and Imogen Heap.  Her performance was light and weightless, her songs floating off the stage like butterflies tickling our 

This is probably why Snoop Lion featured her on his song "The Good Good" from his Reincarnated album which then led her to release three mixtapes on Snoop's label.   Not bad for someone who signed a record deal at 17 and has since been nominated twice for Poland's version of The Grammys.  With soft, rose-petalled vocals, Iza mesmerized those who managed to cram inside the Taix Front Lounge to see this 24 year-old perform. 

IZA performs during day 1 of Culture Collide in the Taix Lounge.
photos by picksysticks
And with that, day one of Culture Collide ended and I feel like I just spent six hours on a red eye across the globe. Five bands. Four countries. Three venues. And it was only Thursday.  Two more days to go.  

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