Friday, September 6, 2013


Sibille Attar
Sibille Attar
In Scandivia, I imagine an assembly line of jolly elves tightening the bolts and screws of bands that they've built during the long night.  I'd like to think that the musical landscape in countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark reveals a sonic wonderland of chocolate rivers, cotton-candy pink trees and fields of candy cane.  

Recently, with bands like Robyn, Icona Pop, Mr. Little Jeans and NONONO attacking our senses, the area is fast becoming known for their fairytale imagery in their music with melodies that sprinkles blissful tunes like light glittery snowflakes flowing out of a crystal ball.   Today, another song I accidentally fell across and immediately loved was, no surprise, from Sweden.  The musician is named Sibille Attar who has been compared to singers like Bjork, Kate Bush and Patti Smith.  Her song "Come Night" is an infectious theme that celebrates life and love as she sings "You sit by your window, I know your thinking of me...Ain't no way of living for I'm a believer of love...Take me home, take me home."   After listening, you can't help but take believe and take her words as your own. Listen to the track below. 

"COME NIGHT" by Sibille Attar