Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Those Darlins
Hula-hooping hip actions and gyrating mid-sections.  All that's missing is a little twerking in this newest NSFW video by Those Darlins, the  power-pop band from Nashville.  The song is called "Optimist" and it's the first single off their new album Blur The Line that drops October 1st and shows women, unrestrained and fiercely dancing to the tune which proudly belt's out "Used to be an Optimist. It got to dangerous...they all say la ti da."

This Saturday, Those Darlins begin their two-month tour in Troy, Ohio.  Their Los Angeles stop will hit The Echo on November 7th.  Click HERE to pre-order the album and to see the rest of the tour dates.

"OPTIMIST" by Those Darlins