Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Nylo performs during her Indigo Summer mixtape release show at The Viper Room
photo by picksysticks
It's rare that I can play an entire cd without skipping over a few bad songs to get to the good ones.  

Nylo, the 22 year-old, Chi Town native, has one such cd.  It's actually her new mixtape called Indigo Summer and she celebrated its release by performing a secret release party at The Viper Room on the famed Sunset Strip.   

Her songs? Like a modern art piece, accompanied by a soundtrack, layered by light, brush strokes of R&B, soul and pop.  You leave feeling full-filled, wanting more because it stays with you for days. And another thing, it's super sexy. Just listen to "Rent Free" and "Someone Like You."  And this month, SPIN magazine just named her one of the top 5 'Best New Artists of 2013.' 

Right now, Indigo Summer is available for download right HERE. She's expected to release another mixtape in the fall called Indigo Rose.  

Inidgo Summer Mixtape by NYLO