Friday, July 5, 2013


We Are/She Is
We Are / She Is (Cosmo and Jess) performs at Boardner's Club Moscow.
photos by picksysticks
After Wednesday's performance during Club Moscow at Boardner's, We Are/She Is are my newest obsession.  Merilou Salazar aka: Cosmo, the spark-plug of a guitar player and Jessie Meehan, cool and steady on bass make it look easy on stage; their on-stage presence is infectious, making you want to have whatever they're on. As if they've taken a hallucinative mushroom and then powering-up. You can almost see the sparkling glitter flowing out of them during their set Wednesday night; impervious to anything that sucks and infecting everyone at Club Moscow with happy feels and happy feet.  The disco ball above them not needed but welcome, if not for the prom-esque feel of sweet innocence and spiked punch. 

Jess Meehan of We Are/She IsMerilou Salazar (Cosmo) of We Are/She Is

Songs like "Voices" and "Simple Days" echos flashbacks of yester-years - romanticized pop and dance music that reminds us of simplier times of carefree hangouts with friends during warm summer nights, doing nothing but still having the time of your lives hoping this time would never end.  

The sugary, sweet set was short, singing songs from their EP New Game that was released last March.  Trading vocals, Jessie started the night with the subdued "Voices" to set the mood of what was to come. With its catchy, slow burn melody, "Voices" peaks your interest, giving you just enough to want more.  Cosmo was up next with "Ricochet," a perfect song to unleash her electrifying and bottled-up energy.  Their punk/pop spin of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" was an added bonus to add to the party atmosphere as they ended the night with "And the World" with guitars unspooling and fading away up until their frenetic finish to cap off the night. 

We Are She Is
We Are She Is
photo by picksysticks
Free CD's and stickers afterwards was icing on the cake to a perfect night. You can check them out when they play a Trans*action fundraiser at The Church in Santa Monica on July 12th to benefit Logan Henderson. Check out his story HERE to help out. Then on July 17th, We Are/She is will play San Diego's Tin Can Alehouse.  Don't miss them.