Thursday, July 4, 2013

Can This Girl Band Revive Sony's Sales?

Jpop's Nogizaka46‎ is partly credited with boosting Japan's music market 10 percent, raking in $4.3 billion last year alone. The group consists of 33 members, age ranging from 14 to 22, and plans to expand the lineup later this year. 

From Bloomberg
Sony Corp., which has the second-largest share of Japan's music market, is betting on the success of a girls group to boost domestic sales. Sony's Nogizaka 46, however, has a long way to go to attract as many fans as top rival AKB48. Sony Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai pledged to shareholders last month he will take bolder measures to revive the electronics maker, as he faces investor pressure to spin off its entertainment assets including Nogizaka 46. Bloomberg’s Aika Nanao reports.