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Kitten performs at The Myra Stage during Jubilee 2013.
photo by picksysticks
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Jubilee Music & Arts Festival 2013 has moved out of its three-year Silver Lake residence. It is now in its own little warehouse nook between South Santa Fe Avenue and 6th Street. All by its lonesome in vacant warehouses and a parking lot come alive for this two-day event. Sadly, no other clubs to stop into like El Cid or little cafe's or trinket stores up and down the block. This year's Jubilee is music, Heineken booze, roach coach eats, a bit of comedy, and a bunch of table of arts for sale, all behind bars. It feels like an isolated rock-out on the edge of the city, near the Amtrak passing by, and very near the 4th Street and 6th Street bridges towering above and over the Los Angeles River. It is a wonderfully interesting scene if it is a new festival, but comparing it to what it used to be, it is not the same. There is no community feeling to this Jubilee, just the people paying $30 to $50 per ticket along with the sponsors that give the people lack of choice.

Cherry Glazerr
Performing on the Sunset Stage are Cherry Glazerr (Clem Creevy, Hannah Uribe, Sophia Muller and Sean Redman)
photos by picksysticks
Fortunately, the line-up of music delivers to the usual amazing standards. Three stages of sound, with one main stage in the parking lot turned festival area and two in adjacent warehouses. Friday's line-up hosts an array of eight female fronted bands.         
Cherry Glazerr
Clem and Sophia of Cherry Glazerr

The day starts with a group of talented teens, calling themselves collectively as Cherry Glazerr (Los Angeles). They look like an after school detention teen clique consisting of three girls and a guy. Cherry Glazerr has an unusual sound and feeling of pent-up teen energy stuck on a morphine drip.  There is a delightful frustration in the lead vocals of Clementine Creevy and Sophia Muller, sounding like children on a sugar high that just took a few of mommy's Vicodin pills to chill. The lyrics are simple yet endearing like a children's storybook, talking about cats, grilled cheese, trick or treat, a pizza monster, and an alien princess. Great ideas for late night doobie cartoon music videos, those cartoons with sketchy lines and seemingly bad artistic skills, but somehow hilarious. Hannah Uribe on drums is the quiet one with the loudest toy. It is the main Sunset stage for these kids.          

Then it is into the Myra Stage warehouse for three consecutive female fronted bands. First, it is Wardell (Los Angeles). They are the soundtrack to listen to while swinging high on a swing with toes drifting just above the sand. There is an uplifting feeling to Sasha Spielberg's vocals like green grass and sunflowers on the horizon as the girl on the swing in the floral summer dress floats high, to and fro, enjoying the simple exhilarant body rush, then letting free, and landing bare feet back in the sand box. Accomplished delight. Now it is just a matter if the music is good enough to be in one of her father's movies.   
Theo and Sasha of WARDELL
Wardell performs during day 1 of Jubilee Music and Arts Festival in Downtown LA.
photo by picksysticks
Next is Takashi Miyaki (Los Angeles). It is a band name, not a performer in the band. One night, lead singer and drummer, Lucy, had a few drinks too many and was somehow talking about Japanese movie director, Takashi Miike, but Lucy instead said, Tashaki Miyaki, likely with a slur, and thus the band name was created. Under the influence of inspiration. On stage, Lucy sings with a focused, yet determined presence, as if she is singing in a damned daydream. She drums constantly, seeming to concentrate on that moment when reality turned into a dream, trying not to awake from what it was, in a trance-like state. Subtle charm, with steady percussions. There is no connection of depravity between this band and Miike's dark cult films, only the reverb of turmoil.

Takashi Miyaki

However, there is a shy psychotic charm to the band SoKo (France). Stephanie Sokolinski is her full name. She has that stabbed innocence feeling, tormented and twisted with misunderstood emotions. A wounded animal singing to survive as she watches people pass by without slowing their stride. Her frustration turning into darkness behind the twinkle in her eyes.  Hurt, yet longing to exact revenge. She actually curses out one of the event staff for his rudeness, before she performs her final song of her set. She has been hurt, and had enough of taking things kindly. Her retaliation is in her release as SoKo. Erratic anger turned into raging music of truth.          
Oh Boy Les Mecs
Oh Boy Les Mecs
The most intimate of music stages is at Hoover Stage in another warehouse. Here, Oh Boy Les Mecs (Los Angeles) has one of those feeling of flying through digital skies of kaleidoscope rainbows. No clouds, only color in pixilated form, box light cubes, shifting contently with eclectic energy. A lifting emotional purge. Wings with tails plugged into a socket. Singer Tracy Marcellino is the tour guide and creator of this ever-shifting realm. Her soft streaming vocal emotions oscillate the sound and surroundings of this digital environment. She is electric water momentarily soothing life's parched vitality. Reality seems suspended by the music and colors of their performance, like an alien space ship.       

Jessica Clavin of Bleached
BLEACHED at The Sunset Stage during Jubilee Music & Arts Festival.
photos by picksysticks
Soon, it is back on the lot, grounded, as an Amtrak passes and an airplane flies over the Sunset Stage, coincidently moments before introducing the band Bleached (Los Angeles). The sisters of Mika Miko are back. Front woman Jennifer Clavin is at it again with those lively shenanigans, but a little more tame this time around, though the sound is not.  If Courtney Love was possessed by Kurt Cobain, and then stepped in as lead singer to Nirvana, they would sound somewhat Bleached. Interestingly enough, Nirvana's first album was entitled, Bleach. They are a raw, edgy, scrap metal sound. Jennifer mumble hums lyrics with words seaming to overlap without breath. Bleached is a tingling sensation that never drones, but sometimes gets a good out-of-control. Jennifer is the grime and guitar, while Jessica Clavin fills heavy bass lines.     

Kitten's Chloe Chaidez

Ah, then it is comes down to the final feline front woman band of the night, Kitten (Los Angeles). Do not tame this girl, and do not try to turn it into something Disney. Young shining teen star lead singer, Chloe Chaidez, has the adorable look for any Bop Teen Magazine cover, but the music is much deeper, no bubblegum, and no pop, all teeth and nails. She sounds of a purring kitten transgressing in thought, singing from her own book of experiences in her own boisterous symbolisms, beyond bubbly love and bad girl teen wannabes, and well beyond her commercial categorized target market for her age. Lessons in life from an insightful, adrenaline filled, Cheshire Chloe. Kitten feels of a girl teen version of The Killers meets The Cure. And with this grand finale, day one of female fronted bands at the Jubilee by the river comes to an end. 

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