Saturday, May 25, 2013

UME @ The Echo

UME performs at The Echo.
photo by picksysticks
UME's Los Angeles stop wasn't as smooth sailing as they'd like; dealing with a  busted amp, torn tendons and broken bone.  Instead of enjoying the sun and beach, the Austin Trio spent their LA stop mending equipment and mending wounds. 
Lauren Larson of UME

The broken bone in this case was  Lauren's bone nut on her Fender while a rented amp broke and drummer Rachel Fuhrer finished the night with a strained tendon after banging the crap out of her snare after it died in the middle of their set.  But judging by their set last Monday at The Echo, it's surprising they didn't leave Los Angeles inside an ambualance.   Who'd thought being in a rock band was a contact sport?  

Thrashing  and energetic, punk-rocking throughout their 40 minute set, Lauren Larson has got to be the most photogenic guitar shredders in music.  With her banshee hair going every which way, the spark-plug of a front-woman, Larson's guitar slaying fingers dashed feverishly on strings of steel.  

The night was spent mostly peforming new songs from their upcoming album like the slow burn "Chase It Down" which, like the calm before the storm, lashes out to full on assault mode with lighting stirke solos from Lauren.  "Slow Pog" builds from a prowling hunt to full on chase  while "Bass Face" starts off with poppy drum beats that dips its melody into sweet dark molasses.  UME songs are faced with personality conflicts; usually  mimicking longing,  mesmerizing melodies to lure you in before attacking with deadly, distorted guitars that echo psychedlic buzz saws.  

Lauren Larson of UME at The Echo.
photo by picksysticks
Currently UME is working on their new record with Grammy-winning producer Adam Kasper (Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters).  UME is set to start their East Coast leg of their tour suporting And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead beginning July 10th in New Haven, CT.  Then they head over to Europe for their Sumemr 2013 Tour.  

"Conductor" by UME