Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Indecent
The Indecent performs at The Viper Room in September 2012.
photo by picksysticks
Earlier this week, New York foursome The Indecent were featured on Last Call with Carson Daly where they discussed how they came together and talked about their musical influences.

The Indecent on NBC's  "Last Call with Carson Daly"

Heavy guitars and growling vocals doesn't sound unique but in the hands of  The Indecent?  It's literally like listening to love songs for a bleeding heart.  Comprised of siblings Emily Brout (vocals), Maddy Brout (bass), Bo Brout (guitar) and Nicholas Burrows (drums) this quartet from Brooklyn are probably too young to even remember the musical environment in the mid-90's when it seemed music, in that era, defined a generation.  

The Indecent's debut EP Control, from Warner Bros. Records, harkens back to the days of Seattle grunge but underneath lead singer, Emily's raspy and yearning growls are desolate melodies that have a raw sincerity evoking Mazzy Star-like vulnerabilities with the hard-edge attitude of L7. 

"Hear Them Fear Them" by The Indecent.