Monday, April 22, 2013


Mr. Downstairs
Mr. Downstairs
Mr. Downstairs performs at Boardner's (Top) and at Vans Warped Tour (bottom pic).
photos by picksysticks

It's been almost a year since we last saw or even heard from Mr. Downstairs the brainchild of both Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud who formed the band in late 2010.   Since then, they've officially released two songs, "Legendary" which showcases their glitter-esque harmonies and beach-vibe melodies while  "Superhero Heart" shines with an electric, pop-rock dance anthem.  

They've gone dark for the past year and today, they've leaked their own song and lyric video  for the sun-kissed, sweat-laced "Golden." And for a limited time, they're offering their single for free right HERE.  With this latest release, coupled with even rarer performances, Mr. Downstairs sure knows how to keep their loyal fans salivating for more.  Check out the video below along with their video for "Superhero Heart" and "Legendary" and see why 2013 may be the year Mr. Downstairs breaks out in a big way.   

"Golden" by Mr. Downstairs

"Legendary" by Mr. Downstairs

"Superhero Heart" by Mr.Downstairs