Friday, April 12, 2013


Sara Radle of Walking Sleep
Sara Radle of Walking Sleep performs at The Bootleg Theater in 2012
photo by picksystick
Cat video Fridays!!  Cat vids never get old.  Neither does Sara Radle and her music.  I've always loved Sara Radle who seems to bleed creativity by cranking out song after song.  The thing is - her songs are always great.  They're catchy with bouncy melodies which you'll find humming to yourself later in the day.

Sara Radle's Calamity Magnet
Sara Radle's Calamity Magnet performs at The Viper Room in 2008.
photo by picksysticks
Today, we found a video that blends two of our favorite things in the world! Cats and Ms. Radle, who we've been following since her days fronting Calamity Magnet and later The Walking Sleep.  The hardest working gal in LA's music scene, she now has a new band called Sara Radle and the Mockingbirds who head out on their mini-tour of Japan this June.  Anyways, the song is called "There's A Change" and it's off her 2012 solo album Same Sun Shines

"There's A Change" by Sara Radle.