Friday, March 1, 2013


I recently took a long road trip and all I had playing the entire 5 hour drive was Tegan and Sara's newest - Heartthrob.  And I'm sure by the end of this weekend, it'll be at the top of my 25 Most Played on my iPod.   In their new album, Tegan and Sara showcases their growth in their sound, going from folk-alternative to a more of a dreamy-pop sound.  

They just released a lyric video for their song "" after seeing how popular with their fans at during their tour.  Here's what they had to say below: 

"As soon as we started playing the songs from Heartthrob live at shows, “Now I’m All Messed Up” emerged as a major fan favourite. It’s nearly impossible to not get caught up in the feelings of the song when performing it, so it’s very fun to see the entire crowd be drawn in as we lay it all out there on the stage! Things get emotional! 
We wanted to bring that same level of emotion to the lyric video for the song, and we really think we achieved that with the unique ink and water treatment that brings to mind writing a good old fashioned heartbreaking letter and sobbing all over it! We were excited to be working with Travis Hopkins again who created the lyric video for Closer, he did such a great job, we love it and hope you do too!"

"Now I'm All Messed Up" lyric video by Tegan and Sara.