Sunday, February 10, 2013

WARDELL @ The Bootleg Theater

Wardell plays The Bootleg Theater in Downtown LA.
photo by picksysticks
Tuesday night, I had a choice to either watch a free show at The Echo featuring rising stars KITTEN or check out Wardell, the brother-sister duo, who were performing that same night at The Bootleg Theater.  I chose to pay the $10 cover charge to watch Wardell after listening to their single "Opossum," a slow-burning ballad with dreamy harmonies that conjures Van Gogh's Starry Night, saturated melodies that make you feel like you're floating, soothing to the ears, like warming up in front of a cozy fire.  Wardell consists of siblings Theo and Sasha Spielberg (yes, that Spielberg) and Sasha is Zooey Deschanel  adorable but much better in the vocals department with her sultry confidence.   Definitely a band I'll pay to watch again.   Too bad they didn't have any cds to sell. The nearly sold-out crowd would've snatched up every single copy including yours truly.  They play a sold-out show at The Troubadour this Tuesday and are scheduled to play at this years' South by Southwest Music Festival in March.

Wardell's Sasha Spielberg
Wardell siblings Theo and Sasha.
photos by picksysticks