Wednesday, January 30, 2013


He Is We's Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor of He Is We
Rachel Taylor of He Is We just leaked an acoustic version of her own song "Secrets (Hush)" after releasing a teaser of the song just last week.  Check it out below!

Currently hard at work on the follow-up to her 2010 breakthrough debut album My Forever (Republic Records), her songwriting this time isn't based on the wide-eyed innocence of youth but instead a wisened perspective of growth and appreciation. "This next album is a make up of the chapters the fans have seen me go through," she explains. "It is my 'thank you' to each and every single prayer, tweet or email sent my way."

With a renewed spirit and physical health back up to par, Rachel is gearing up for the next step - the follow-up to My Forever. "Feeling like I had truly lost everything, I saw what it was that I was made to do," she explains. "I had the hands of each and every supporter raising me up, giving me strength and showing me that I wasn't doing this alone. He Is We is more than just 'some band' but rather a movement of people. People who matter to me and deserve to know it."

He Is We's as-yet-untitled second album is due in 2013 on Republic Records.