Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Victoria Cecilia of Gliss
Victoria Cecilia of Gliss performs at The Viper Room
photo by picksysticks
It's been awhile since I've written about Gliss, the art/pop trio  from Los Angeles as evidenced by the photograph I took years ago at The Viper Room (as you can see, I was shooting black and white film back in the day).

Today, after several years in the making, their new record Langsom Dans drops with the help of some from people behind Trent Reznor, Beck and Ladytron in Michael Patterson and Henrik Jonsson who had success with Lykke Li, The Knife and the Concretes.

Back then, it was Martin Klingman taking on the bulk of the vocal duties with Victoria Cecilia sharing background duties.  Their sound were propelled by heavily on fuzzy-grunge guitars and rock/alternative melodies.  Now with Langsom Dans, they seemed to have switched roles with Victoria taking lead on vocals  while also transitioning atmospheric moods from alternative pop to a more ominous and dreamlike setting.

Described as 'late-night art pop' this trio have recently premiered their new video for their single "Weight of Love," a beautiful song with impressionistic dreamscape melodies  filtered through the serene vibe of west coast sunsets.

Look for them to perform this March at SXSW and beginning in February, they start their Monday residency at Los Globos in Los Angeles.

"Weight of Love" by GLISS