Friday, January 25, 2013


Lisa D'amato performs during Facelift LA at Play Lounge in 2011. 
America's Next Top Model 2011 All-Star winner Lisa D'Amato revealed pics of what she's calls a "freak accident"  that broke her nose and caused multiple cuts on her face.

Since she came in sixth place in season 5 of ANTM, Lisa has had a successful musical career, touring all over the world. Her  album, "Flippin' the Bird" came out a couple years ago and she recently got married.

Apparently, the incident occurred after she finished filming an indie movie called Cowboys and Indians in Colorado last week.  She told People Magazine that her and the crew were monkying around when they all took a nasty tumble, causing Lisa to go to the hospital to have emergency plastic surgery.  Let's wish her the best.

Here's what Lisa had to say on her Facebook page:
It's only DAY 4 & look how fast I'm healing! I'm still puffy and all types of jacked up but the improvement is huge in just 48 hrs. #AMAZING #SURGERY #recovery now you guys don't get to see my face & new nose till it's perfect in a couple wks! Love you all and thank you with all my heart for the support. Day by day baby!

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