Friday, December 7, 2012


"Bitter" by Midian
Midian's single "Bitter" is the breakout hit off her self-titled EP which drops January 8th.  Powerful yet soulful vocals layered with vulnerable melodies, "Bitter," with nearly half a million YouTube views, climbed the music charts reaching #6 on iTunes' R&B charts while reaching #1 on Amazon's charts and prompting fans on social media to make their own fan vids featuring the hit single.

Now, with the success of "Bitter," Midian has released a live studio video of the song via Captured in one take, the song showcases Midian's strength and raw vocal talent. Midian's voice is massive; the kind of voice that makes the hairs on your arms stand at attention and swallows you up whole. In it you can hear the soulful stylings of the late Etta James and the outsize "wow factor" of contemporary artists like Christina Aguilera. You can check it out below.