Sunday, December 9, 2012


KREWELLA headlines CONTROL Fridays at The Avalon.
photos by picksysticks
What began late Friday, admist cloud and smoke, laser-cut by fine beams of light that danced with the hordes of kids in darkness wanting to party continued into the wee hours of Saturday morning. But the only silhouettes that mattered this night only became visible through quick bursts of bright strobes that played peek-a-boo to the electronic beats and  scratchy, deep drops of dubstep.  

Last time I saw Krewella perform in Los Angeles in June, they had just released Play Hard, their chart-topping debut EP and performed at the small and intimate club Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood. Last night, a year later, they return with a new EP, Play Harder while headlining a sold out show at The Avalon. It's been a sky-rocketing rise for the trio, from playing small clubs to today where they now fill venues with over 2,000 capacity. 

Krewlla performs at The Avalon
photo by picksysticks
The Avalon this night was turned into one gigantic electro-fest as it hosted CONTROL Fridays, one of the biggest EDM parties on the West Coast.  Blending nu-electro, techno and house music CONTROL has introduced an entirely new legion of fans to dance music, and bloods some of the freshest and most exciting DJs and producers every week. This night, lines stretched blocks to catch Chicogoans Flosstradamus and Krewella and Run DMT from Austin, Texas. 

Yasmine, Jahan and Rain Man are Krewella.
photo by picksysticks
Krewella, comprised of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and Rain Man  are turning heads with their unique and contagious style of EDM, infusing pop melodies over female vocals laced with blaring bass and electro beats.  Their high-energy set made the Avalon floor look like one large sound wave, swelling up and down.  And with pulsating beats as hard and heavy along with their electrifying stage presence,  hits like "Play Hard" and "Killin' It" kept the crowd bumpin' and bodies sweatin'. The sister DJs even got to jumping onto their EDM table and dancing in front of the sold out Avalon.

10 months ago, they closed out Control at 3 am. In less than a year, they are now headlining.  What a difference a year makes.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not an EDM aficionado. What first peaked my interest was their single "Killin' It" which broke out in a big way via Facebook and Twitter.  Since then, I've been a big fan and credit them for turning me on to electric dance music.   Their newest EP, Play Harder drops Monday, Dec. 10th and features remixes of their early hit songs like "Killin It" and "Alive."  "Come and Get It" is their newest hit single to dominate the dance airwaves.