Sunday, November 4, 2012


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour performs at The Troubadour in West Hollywood.
photos by picksysticks

Their known as The Asteroids Galaxy Tour which is fitting since their songs sound like they come from a different universe. With lush sampling, a large horn section and the unique vocal sounds,  this Denmark band stopped by The Troubadour, nearly filling it to capacity which is normally hard to do for any venue on a Monday night.  

This band quickly shot out of the gate in with their worldwide hit debut album Fruit in 2009.  Touring with Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry came soon after as well as getting their songs placed on television shows like NBC's Chuck, AMC's Mad Men and Gossip Girl and commercials like Apple's iPod Touch and Heineken's International ad that introduced their hit song "The Golden Age" and the band to U.S. audiences.  

Mette Lindberg of Asteroids Galaxy TourMette Lindberg of Asteroids Galaxy Tour

With their trademark big band sound, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are pros at sonic landscaping, creating a party vibe by fusing disco-pop flavors with R&B beats. And with porcelain, psychedelic, pop-princess lead singer Mette Lindberg on the mic, she showcases the bands rich and cascading party arrangements in songs like "Lady Jesus," "Around the Bend" and "The Sun Ain't Shining o More," all off their debut album Fruit which also spawned their internationally hit single "The Golden Age" which they sang for an encore.  

But it's their current record Out of Frequency, which dropped earlier this year, that cements their party band status with  surprise hits like "Heart Attack," "Mafia" and my new favorite, "Suburban Space Invader."  

They head to the east coast for the last week on their remaining US tour dates ending in Brooklyn, New York on this Sunday (Nov. 11th) 

Troubadour fans cheer The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
photos by picksysticks

Troubadour Setlist (10/29/12):  Dollars in the Night / The Sun Ain't Shining No More / Lady Jesus / Push Envelope / Around the Bend / Suburban Space Invader / Crazy / Out of Frequency / Mafia / Theme from 45 Euginia / Cloak and Dagger / Heart Attack / Fantasy Friend Forever  (Encore: Golden Age / Major)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour performs "Surburban Space Invader" at The Troubadour.
video by razorstarzz