Tuesday, October 16, 2012


by Jeff Pegg
picksysticks contributor

The Shakers are set to release their new single, "Set My Sights". Lead vocals of Jodie Schell sound of a deep yearning, a slow release of frustration, with a growl of torment. It feels like she is a fly caught in a web of desires as the spider watches her endless struggle. The confounding of regretful ambition. The more she struggles the more she is entrapped. Emphatic emotions. The spider feels her pain, yet waits for a time to attack. It is as though she is a damaged soul that still has an inner glimmer. Hurting, yet holding tight to a moment and feeling that was once love, but that is now the hope. And who is the spider? That would be the ranting metal sounds of Chris Lee on guitar and Nick Woods on drums. They are hard hitting anger drowned by insanity to form a suicidal release. It has a lethal pulse that contrasts yet compliments the vocal life of Schell. This new single from The Shakers is an enthralled mix of soul pop pierced with metal shrapnel.

Come out Saturday, October 20, for The Shakers party show at The Viper Room! The single release party! Get there early! There will be 200 copies of the single "Set My Sights" given out FREE! Each autographed by the entire band! Doors: 7:30pm! The Shakers: 11pm! New full-length album: 2013!  

"Set My Sights" will be available on iTunes and CD Baby after October 20th.

Lyric video for "Set My Sights" by The Shakers