Thursday, September 13, 2012


Young London's Sarah and Matt
Young London's Sarah and Matt performs at this years' Warped Tour.
photo by picksysticks
Last we saw this Bostonian-EDM duo, they were performing a visual, silent dream, raving to an unheard beat as part of Warped Tour's first Silent Disco.  Wireless headphones slipped on opening up a world that is Young London - a scene blaring alive as if diving into a pool of sound with Sarah Graziani's lush vocals backed by Matt Rhodes' pop-dance, electro and dubstep beats.  

Now, fresh off Warped Tour, Young London are ready to kick off their "Let Me Go Tour," their first headlining tour, on September 21st beginning in their hometown Boston.  And to celebrate, Sarah and Matt just released their newest single "Call My Name (Tonight)" which is part of their upcoming EP.  Check it out below!

Young London released their dance-inducing, explosive self-titled debut album on January 10th. Hit songs up the wah-hoo, they wowed with hits like "Celebrity" and "New Reputation" at SXSW and their video for "Let Me Go" have amassed over 100,000 views since it was released earlier this year. Their debut album is available in stores and on iTunes right HERE.

"Let Me Go" by Young London