Thursday, September 20, 2012

THE INDECENT @ The Viper Room

The Indecent's Bo and Emily Brout
The Indecent's Bo and Emily Brout perform at The Viper Room.
photo by picksystick
Heavy guitars and growling vocals doesn't sound unique but in the hands of  The Indecent?  It's literally like listening to love songs for a bleeding heart.  Comprised of siblings Emily Brout (vocals), Maddy Brout (bass), Bo Brout (guitar) and Nicholas Burrows (drums) this quartet from Brooklyn are probably too young to even remember the musical environment in the mid-90's when it seemed music, in that era, defined a generation.  

The Indecent's Maddy Brout
Maddy of The Indecent
I'm careful not to mention the "G-word" to describe their sound, but they do simply say they're influenced by "Seattle-type things."  But underneath Emily's raspy and yearning growls are desolate melodies that have a raw sincerity evoking Mazy Star-like vulnerabilities with the hard-edge attitude of L7.  

Just releasing Control, their EP from Warner Bros. Records, The Indecent thundered into The Viper Room on the famed Sunset Strip Tuesday night.  Seemingly shy and reserved, The Indecent shines without the flashiness, their commanding presence only heightened when they broke into the thundering "25 Steps" and then creeping into the bruising slow strokes of "Hear Comes Another," which, when sung by Emily, has the distinct vibe of  Courtney Love's Hole while "Lucky One's" had flavors of the tormented vocals of Love's famous significant other. But it was their closer, the rock ballad, "Hear Them Fear Them," that hit hardest, emotionally resonating inside the packed Viper Room. A  song delivered over soaring melodies that slowly builds  with clobbering beats and ending with a classic rock, guitar assault. 

In today's radio airwaves,  bombarded by sugary pop melodies, EDM flashiness and bubblegum punk, it's refreshing when a young band injects something refreshing while also writing songs with thought-provoking lyrics. The Indecent heads over to perform at the very first Vans Warped Tour across the pond in London in November.  And you can grab their EP Control right HERE!    

The Indecent
The Indecent's Bo and Emily Brout
The Indecent's Maddy Brout
The Indecent's Emly and Maddy Brout

"Hear Them Fear Them" by The Indecent off their EP Control from Warner Bros. Records.

"Her Screwed Up Head" by The Indecent off their 2010 self-released debut album.