Sunday, September 2, 2012


NYC Time with Petite Meller
NYC Time with Petite Meller is her debut video from her first solo project.

It was the uniqueness of Petite Meller that gave me pause and digest, like tasting a foreign dish for the first time, slowly chewing as my palette takes notice to the unique flavors of jazzy-pop flavors swishing around my taste buds.  And I liked it. I liked it a lot.  It's fresh new sound that teases something bigger and better from Petite's upcoming album. 

"NYC Time" is her debut video and this marks her first solo project after leaving her last band Terry Poison and playing in such music fests like SXSW and Rock en Seine and even performing on the same stage as Depeche Mode.

I know little of PETITE, just that according to her bio on her Facebook page, she was a model, gracing fashion iconicals (yeah...I just made up that word) such as L'Oreal and Vogue Magazine.  

"NYC Time" by PETITE