Sunday, September 30, 2012


Crystal Fighters

With Carmageddon 2 nearly over here in Los Angeles, like most Angelinos, I'm spending my day at home.  In other words, it's a perfect day to catch up on listening to great bands and discovering new music.  Heaven!

So now, I bring you Crystal Fighters, a band based out of London who have garnered critical acclaim for their blending of experimental electronica with punk rock beats and the organic folk instruments of the Basque region of Spain.  Earlier this year, the made a splash in the States with a number of highly anticipated shows, including SXSW that saw the release of their first US debut EP Plage which was heralded by NME as "an irresistable whirlwind of sound...infectiously, chaotically, totally brilliant."  

And currently, as they're busy recording their new album, just last week, Crystal Fighters released a remix album, Star of Love (Remixes)" which features fifteen inspired interpretations of seven original tracks by Passion Pitt, Disclosure and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. 

Check out "At Home" below, remixed by Passion Pitt and then a live performance of "At Home" in Spain of last year.

"At Home" by Crystal Fighters