Thursday, August 30, 2012


Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor of He is We performs at the Troubadour.

Today it was announced that singer and founding member of the Tocoma-based band He Is We Rachel Taylor is leaving the band after fighting ongoing health issues that found it impossible for her to continue touring.

In a statement released today:

“Rachel is hands down one of the most talented individuals I know and have ever had the pleasure to work with,” explained acoustic guitarist/songwriter Trevor Kelly. “He Is We has been our baby since we were 18 and it's incredible to see how it has grown and affected people just as it has affected us.” With Rachel’s health making it impossible to continue, she has made the decision to leave the band. “Rachel has voiced that this is the right time to for her to step down for she has become unhealthy and restricted to what she can and cannot do with He Is We,” says Trevor. “I hope everyone supports her in this decision and continues to support her in any future endeavors she finds herself in.”

In her place, the band has brought on vocalist Stevie Scott to join Trevor Kelly along with their touring band Jake RAndle, Carman Kubanda and Harrison Allen.

“I feel so incredibly privileged and honored being asked to be a part of the He Is We family,” said Stevie. “This has been a dream come true of mine for quite some time. I'm so blessed and excited to get to add my colors and sounds to this next chapter in the He Is We story.”

Currently writing music for their sophomore album due in 2013, the newly-cemented band are hard at work focused on the next chapter for He Is We. “I know all of this seems unconventional and may be hard to understand,” he explains, “but as a fan, I want each and every one of you to know I will never give up and neither will anyone else on the He Is We team.”

Their debut album My Forever debuted on Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart at #6 and on iTunes' Pop Album Chart at #3. They have been winning accolades in media from Alternative Press (“big enough for live sing-alongs and sweet enough for to soundtrack next year’s prom”) to AbsolutePunk (“For just a debut record, My Forever has set He Is We up for greatness”) to (“If you love sweet, straightforward, melodic pop music, you owe it to yourself to listen to He Is We”).