Monday, July 30, 2012


By J.Pegg

Well Hung Heart has got a new single and video dropped, “Devil”.  It arrives with ferocious fury. Raise it from the flames as it will burn all their previous stuff into forgotten memories and miss tries. If you haven’t heard Greta's vaudeville opera-esque previous stuff, then don’t, just listen to this and ears forward to their debut album ahead, “Young Enough To Know It All”. This single is some good shit for radio, and not just college broadcast. Greta Valenti, lead singer, lets out lyrics as if struggling with inner frustration at her own devil that she may be, the inner blood, unable to control, sordid pent up emotional bursts. The devil twisted with redeeming heart. Add to that with Robin Davey in marvelous madness on strings with its own inner beating of a Tell-Tale Heart. “Devil” creates anticipation for the album. If the complete album consumes with emotion like this single, Well Hung Heart will be headed for a number of summer rock festivals. Catch them earlier if you can at this first spark!

"Devil" by Well Hung Heart