Tuesday, July 17, 2012


With all the “Call Me Maybe” covers out there, this probably has to be one of my favorites.

In this version,  LA-based Bullet & Snowfox gives it the full-on dance treatment.  More edgier than its original, adding a touch of rock and laced with their trademark EDM beats.

If you haven't caught a Bullet & Snowfox show yet, then you're missing one of the best bands in L.A.  Known for their energetic and electrifying shows, this trio is like watching someone try to catch lighting in a bottle.   You can 'try and catch' them  (haha...see what I did there?)  tonight when they perform at The Dragonfly in Los Angeles and then Hemingway’s Lounge on July 24th.

"Call Me Maybe" cover by Bullet & Snowfox