Wednesday, June 13, 2012


UME Lauren Larson, Eric Larson, Rachel Fuhrer
UME's Lauren Larson, Eric Larson & Rachel Fuhrer perform at The Satellite.
photos by picksysticks
Since we last saw UME play their first Los Angeles gig t at Hollywood's 3 Clubs two years ago, they were already being championed by the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine and Spin Magazine, labeling the trio one of the 'Top Unsigned Bands" and "Best Undiscovered Bands" in music, creating buzz with their electrifying live shows around Austin, then turning more heads after a much-talked about showing at SXSW.  In those short two years since, UME has signed with Modern Outsider record label, released their first full-length album and are now planning their first European tour after finishing their national tour with Helmet and The Toadies which starts in July.

But currently, the power-rock trio, consisting of Lauren, Eric Larson and Rachel Fuhrer are on a co-headlining tour with  The Life and Times that takes them on a three-month, 33-city grueling schedule. Not even four cities into their summer tour,  UME has already experienced their van breaking down more times than they'd like.  

Lauren Larson, Eric Larson and Rachel Fuhrer of UME
Lauren Larson, Eric Larson and Rachel Fuhrer of UME at The Satellite.
photograph by picksysticks
Tuesday night, barely making their show at The Satellite, they were then delayed by technical difficulties.  But that didn't stop them from playing a killer set.  Front-woman Lauren Larson  wasted no time trying to warm the packed venue (unusual for a Tuesday night) by exploding with "Conductor" off their critically acclaimed 2009 Sunshower EP.  Lauren played fast and loud, flailing, seemingly releasing all that pent-up energy spending hours on the road, cooped-up in a hot van.  She's a sight to see, her fingers possessed on steel strings  as a hacker does to his keyboard.  But instead of the clickyty-clack of buttons, we hear the tortured screams on her snarling guitar delivered over her lush vocals.  Other songs like "Captive" and "Burst"  rise and fall like an ocean wave, their songs swell large with hypnotic melodies and later, sharply crash against the rocky cliffs into full-on rock-assault with hair whips and heavy drums provided by newest drummer Rachel Fuhrer. 

UME played for nearly an hour, playing songs from their first full-length album Phantoms, 2009's Sunshower EP as well as 2005's Urgent Sea.   Reportedly, they expect to start working on a new record later this year and recently, they taped a segment with Anthony Bourdain for an upcoming episode of his show "No Reservations."  Click HERE for the rest of their tour dates.

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