Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Chelsea Williams
Chelsea Williams performs at The Hotel Cafe.
photo by picksysticks
Years of  perfoming day after day at such places as Universal's CityWalk and Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade has finally paid off.  Saturday night, singer/songwriter Chelsea Williams announced to the crowd, filled with friends, family and her loyal fans, that she recently signed to Interscope Records.

For those not familiar with Chelsea Williams, you've probably already heard and seen her without knowing.  She was featured on the very popular Chevy Cruze commercial singing a cover of the Travie McCoy / Bruno Mars song "Billionaire" and subsequently as a part of a full, two-page advertisement in Billboard magazine.

If you are familiar with Chelsea Williams, then Saturday was a big change from watching her in the bustling sounds of Third Street Promenade, alongside other buskers vying for the attention of passer-bys.  In the six years she's been performing on the street, she's sold over 100,000 albums independently on the streets, saying "I do like the fact that I actually have met every single person that bought my album,” Chelsea says “It makes it more personal for me, and hopefully for them too.  And sometimes I get tips.”

This night, there was no ambient traffic noise, no buzzing of hundreds of converastions drowning out her voice, this night, at the intimate Hotel Cafe in the heart of Hollywood, Chelsea had the attention of everyone inside, who were there just for her.

She sang her originals like "Huckleberry Sky," some newer songs like "Stealing Horses" as well as covers such as Melanie's "Brand New Key. "  The addition of a full band behind her added a warm, richness to her set as songs like the playfull brush strokes of a mandolin and the hearty flavors of an accordian or even the soothing strokes of the stand-up bass   - all there to fully showcase Chelsea's talents as a singer, a writer and above all else, a performer.

And it was this talent that led one passer-by to give Chelsea the chance of a lifetime.  Toby Gad, a nominated producer behind such artists as Fergie, Alicia Keys and Beyonce, was so moved by Chelsea's talents and took her under his wing and eventually paved the way for Chelsea to perform for Jimmy Lovine, the head of Interscope who, it's said after just just one song, signed her on the spot.

No date as of yet for the debut of her new album from Interscope & Kite Records but Chelsea did hint that her new record would be much more pop than what we've come to know from her. And for those who are afraid that they may have missed her performing for free?  You have another chance this weekend when Chelsea will perform on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade, the place where it first began for her.

Thanks to our sister site Guerrilla Nights for the video below. Check out their pics and write-up of Chelsea's show right HERE.

Chelsea Williams performs "Never Grow Up."
video by GuerrillaNights

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