Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Best Coast
Best Coast at Club Nokia
all photos by Bored4Muisc

It was such a wonderful experience to spend my last day of 2011 with Wanda Jackson and Best Coast at Club Nokia. It was a night of giving thanks to our blessings of the past year and to say 'hello' to the year ahead. And this night summed it up perfectly. We all need to give a big thanks to Mrs. Jackson and, of course, Best Coast probably wouldn't be here if it had not been for Mrs. Jackson blazing the trail. And I invited someone who loves music and who supports independant bands as much as I do - Bored4Music who took some great pics and wrote a nice write-up of the night. Read below and check out more pics of Wanda Jackson and Best Coast including a new song "In Your Sleep" right HERE.

Bored4Music excerpt:

We have followed Best Coast (Bobb & Bethany) since our inception back in 2010. Love their sound, it reminds me of Jenny Lewis / Rilo Kiley.

My Friends had the opportunity to experience Beth and Bobb a few months ago when they visited San Fran. Remember, she had high praise afterwards. Not only that, this would be Picksysticks' fourth trip to see them. Is he a stalker? Maybe, but after experiencing Best Coast live...understand why they love and happy they were the cherry on top of 2011.

We had front row seats, right behind the press pit. So, the pictures couldn't have come out better. Behind us, the whole club was nearly sold out. Many of the fans that came for Best Coast left before Wanda Jackson rang in the new year. Not surprising though. Since I first heard of them, Best Coast have become quite big in the indie rock blogosphere.


After researching (Wanda Jackson), had one of those "Holy Fucking Shit" moments. No wonder why she was headlining Club Nokia, new year's eve. You can thank Jack White for dragging this legend out of the chest. She has had recent appearance on Divas Live and current member of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

(read the rest of the review at Bored4Music.com)

"The End" by Best Coast

Best Coast just announced they'll be headlining The Smell this Saturday as part of The Smell's 14th Anniversary Celebration weekend. Go to thesmell.org for more details and lineup. Tiks are only $10. Also, album news: Best Coast, in a recent interview, revealed their follow-up to their debut album Crazy For You is expected this summer and front-woman Bethany Cosentino is promising a more 'mature' album saying the lyrics will focus on how her life has changed since the band became successful. Happy New Year everyone. Here's to 2012.

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