Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MY MORNING CUP OF COFFEE SONG: "Honeypie" by Peachy Keene

Peachy Keene
peachy keene
I came across this single "Honeypie" from Silverlake's own Peachy Keene and immediately fell in love. Made up of Danielle Clement, Christine Clement, Glenn Chu, Kim Ward and Kelsey Johnston, Peachy Keene lavishes in dreamy pop melodies over playful synths in a way that makes them sound refreshing and new. Their other songs, off their EP When We Collide, which was released last year, have hints of vintage-romantic and folky-pop sound. They play The Commonwealth in Fullerton on January 22nd and then The Silverlake Lounge on Jan. 24th. Can't wait!!