Thursday, January 12, 2012


Dead Sara at The Troubadour
Dead Sara's Emily Armstrong
Dead Sara performs at a sold out Troubadour.
photo by picksysticks

Tuesday at The Troubadour was the place to be if you love music. Put on by people who LOOOOOOOVE music. Not only was it a great night, it featured performances by local arEmily Armstrong of Dead Saratists brought together by Danny Masterson's Bronson Island and 98.7. Masterson, a big supporter of local artists also spun hypnotic beats and mashups under his moniker DJ Mom Jeans. On the bill this night was The Feaver, Last In Class, Little Hurricane and Dead Sara.

Like lead singer Emily Armstrong pacing on stage waiting to explode into full on fury-mode, Dead Sara is ready to explode onto the music scene. In what has to be one of the longest debut album release teases in history, Dead Sara reminds us why good things come to those who wait. A planned release last August was pushed back to October and then finally this May through Fontana/Universal by way of their own record label Pocket Kid Records. I've been waJessica Gelt and Emily Wilder of Last in Classiting for their album to come out when I first heard their song "We Are What You Say" about two years ago. Unfortunately, they haven't been playing that song live (at least the three times I've seen them live) but that's just one great song out of a shit-load of songs in their arsenal to love.

Pure rock and roll, Dead Sara oozes it from their pores in sweat and tears. As anticipation grew in this sold-out Troubadour crowd, Emily Armstrong started off with the slow-burning rock ballad "Sorry For It All" showcasing her powerful vocals, reaching deep into the depths of her soul. Soon afterwards, Dead Sara gave the fans what they paid to see -fierce and blistering guitars let loose over rock-anthem-like choruses in "Lemon Scent," "Test My Patience" and "Face to Face." And when Dead Sara launched into their soon-to-be mega hit "Weatherman" you almost forgot you were watching a rock show in the 450 capacity Troubadour and not in a venue like Staples Center that holds thousands. Dead Sara next plays at The Slidebar in Fullerton on Jan. 20th and then The Bootleg Theater in L.A. on Feb. 2nd. Get tiks while they last.

Last In Class
Last In Class' Jessica Gelt and Emily Wilder
Last In Class performs at The Troubadour
photos by picksysticks

Earlier in the night was Last In Class, fronted by Emily Wilder and Jessica Gelt, former members of Wet & Reckless. And rounding out the group are Charlie Wadhams and Chris Watson. Only been a band for about 3 months, the foursome celebrated their coming out party by playing a residency at Casey's Irish Pub downtown last November and then a few dates at The Satellite. Last In Class spice their Nancy Sinatra meets punk sound with memorable guitar hooks and catchy melodies. Add some pop and fast powered throbbing beats and I promise you that you'll find it hard not to keep from dancing. Barely an online presence, the only way to hear them is to see them live! I love this band and can't to see them again.

Celeste Spina and Anthony Catalano of Little Hurricane
Celeste 'CC' Spina and Anthony 'Tone' Catalano of Little Hurricane
photo by picksysticks

The night closed out with San Diego darlings Little Hurricane consisting of Anthony 'Tone' Catalano and Celeste 'CC' Spina. The two-person band with a big sound ala White Stripes but with a more bluesy-rock flavor took home the Best New Artist Award at last year's San Diego Music Awards. Their sound? Think of Tone as the scorching hot sun and CC is the rattlesnake gliding across the dried up desert floor. I missed them at last year's Culture Collide at The Echo due to time changes in set times. Bummer. But so excited I finally got to see them. Last month, they released their debut album called Homewrecker and Little Hurricane just scored four dates at this years SXSW Music Festival in March so this may be the year I finally decide to go.

DJ Mom Jeans
DJ Mom Jeans spins to a sold out Troubadour.
photo by picksysticks