Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo) and Tanya Donelly (Belly).
photo via Kay Hanley twitter

Awwww. Check this out. My two favorite singers together. Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo and Tanya Donelly of Belly taken recently by Kay in Boston where the two performed together during a benefit for Foundation to be Named Later on January 14th. Maybe the two will form a band together. I can dream can't I? Who could ever forget Kay serenading Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles in "10 Things I Hate About You." One of the best films ever. I miss the 90's and looking at this pic, 90's alternative never looked so beautiful.

"Feed the Tree" by Belly of 1993's Star

And 19 years ago today, Belly released the dream-pop-alternative album Star which spawned hits "Feed The Tree," "Gepetto," and "Slow Dog." Formed in Boston in 1991 by front woman Tanya Donelly, the album reached certified gold and Belly was nominated for two Grammy Awards. They disbanded in 1996 and Donelly went on to record one of my favorite albums - yet under appreciated Lovesongs for Underdogs in 1997. Today? Donelly still immerses herself in music. Last year, she released the fragile and soft, country-esque album Whiskey Tango Ghosts. And last month, she took part in Under The Covers: Please Please Please tribute to The Smiths, singing an acoustic version of "Shoplifters of the World." You can get that album now at American Laundromat. And it's available on iTunes.

What's Kay up to these days? She currently resides in L.A. and fronts the her new band Palmdale, releasing two EPs last year called Get Wasted and How To Be Mean which you can purchase at iTunes right HERE! Below is Palmdale's single "Happiness Has a Half-Life" and for good ol' times sake, "Here and Now" from Kay's Letters To Cleo days.

"Happiness Has a Half-Life" by Palmdale from the Get Wasted EP.

"Here and Now" by Letters to Cleo