Friday, December 23, 2011

My Morning Coffee Break song: MonAnnLisa Wilde

MonAnnLisa Wilde

Hey guys, you gotta listen to this. Her name is MonAnnLisa Wilde and she's from Sydney, Australia but was born in the Ivory Coast. Drawing comparisons to Faith No More, Pink and Avril Lavigne, her debut single, "Last Time I Saw U On Facebook" is catchy as hell. It's an interesting song about what happens to your online social presence when you pass to the next life. Her debut album of the same name was recorded over a 14-month period and she's backed by an energetic band consisting of Marcos Gil (Bass), James Lebios (Lead Guitar), Sandra Lie (Rhythm) and James Mirza (Sticks). Anyways, you can download her single in iTunes right HERE. And while you're checking that out, have a listen at "Shibuya," another one of my favs.

"Last Time I Saw U On Facebook" by MonAnnLisa Wilde