Thursday, December 15, 2011


Audra Mae
Audra Mae performs at The Hotel Cafe
photo by picksysticks

I remember how blown away I was listening to Audra Mae for the first time four years ago. Self-taught on the guitar and piano, Audra Mae grew in Oklahoma and moved west seven years ago to pursue her dreams. Since then, she had secured a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell, sang the theme song "Forever Young: on the FX's Sons of Anarchy and even wrote Susan Boyle's "Who I Was Born to Be" off Susan Boyle's best-selling album I Dreamed a Dream which sold over 9 million units. Last month, she released her debut album with her new band The Almighty Sound that includes Joe Ginsberg (stand-up bassist), Jarrad Kritzstein (guitar), Frank Pedano (pianist), Kiel Fehercame (drums), Brent Kyle (back-up vocalist) and Chelsea Butts (Audra's sister).

Here's what we said back then:
"Audra Mae’s voice bleeds with restrained heartbreak – something only those who have gone through a lifetime’s worth of heartache can only experience. Her songs are simple and bittersweet yet complex like a fine intricate web... Audra Mae’s strengths rely on weaving inspiring melodies that express a tragic melancholy, proving that simplicity, to the point of near silence, can hold the purest of emotions."
Now, Audra Mae and her band The Almighty Sound is gearing up for their February 14th release of their self-titled full-length album which was produced by country super-star Deana Carter. You can listen to the first single, "The Real Thing" right below. And here's a fun fact - it was co-written by Jackie Tohn of Bravo's Platinum Hit. If you can't wait until the February 14th for the album to come out, you can get it digitally a week earlier by pre-ordering the album her site HERE.